Day 7: Favorite k-pop song by guy bias group

Currently i just cant get this song out of my head. I mean i really love this song.... its one of those type of songs that you can listen and listen a lot of times and never get tired of it. And its amazing the way how Chanyeol, Kai, and Sehun get to sing even though they always do the rapping. Their voice is literally amazing. wow😍😍

Also, I really really REALLY love this song😍😍 It just a really great song that you can listen and like sorta dance into it. Even though i don't understand Korean... i really love the chorus of the song..." Neoui nun neoui ko neoui ibeun Bwado bwado gyesok yeppeul geoni Neon bulgongpyeonghae Geogikkajiman hae Oh neon wiheom hae wiheom hae cheoncheonhi Eommaya" This is song is really just great😍😌🎧

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