Just One Day Part 10

NamjoonXReader Genre:Fluff/Angst

He looked at the clock before turning on the TV. You were very confused with what he wanted to show you. He took your hand in his as you sat down on the couch beside him. Just watch. He whispered, turning the volume up. You nodded and turned towards the TV. As the show started, you realized it was the music show that BTS had appeared on last night. After winning first place for their song, Namjoon took the microphone in his hands and spoke to the fans. How is everyone doing tonight? Followed by the crowd screaming in response. I just want to thank everyone for our success as a group, and ARMYs we couldnt have done it without you! I know I usually end the speech here but tonight I prepared something special for everyone. This is a song I wrote for someone I love. He cleared his throat and turned to the staffs behind stage that nodded at him. To everyones surprise -even the other members- he started singing his recently finished song Just One Day. The fans cheered as the other members backed him up on the song. You felt the grip on his hand tighten around your hand as he kept watching the show Namjoon I- You spoke just as the song ended, but you stopped when he pointed to TV. You decided to speak later and continued to watch. I just want to tell you how much I love you, Y/N. He spoke staring into the camera. Your mouth dropped, hearing the words that came out of his mouth on TV. The fans screamed even louder just as Hoseok snatches the microphone out of his hands. Lets just say I told you so. He announced before getting hit on the head by Namjoon. But we love you ARMY! He finished off with a laugh and the fans continued to scream before the show comes to an end. You said that you love me on TV. You said, still shocked.

Yup. He replied plainly. There was a long silence as you both just stared at the TV. No one said a word, even when the next show came on. You just stared straight sat the screen as your mind became even more cloudy than before. Wont that cause problems to your image? You asked, breaking the silence, still staring at the TV. Thats all you care about? He asked annoyed, turning his head towards you. Just, answer the question. You said quickly, you didnt dare to look at him. You didnt know what to do and you had to think. He sighed but finally answered, Really? Who cares about my image when I have you? I just wanted to show you how much Im willing to do for you. I love you, Y/N. Though I didnt admit it for the longest time. I finally came to my senses. I cant lose you again. I know I might not be able to promise you that I can put you before my work but I- You interrupted up him with your lips against his, he pulled you closer to him to feel the warmth that he had wanted for such a long time. I dont care if you put your work before me. I just wanted to know that I still exist in your heart. Can you do that? You asked, pulling away from the kiss. He smiled and nodded, Of course I can. But um, you know how your song is about me? Yeah? Well, how about that one day be today?


Announcement: there might be another chapter to this story Im still not sure but I will keep you guys updated.

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