This Is How Our Love Began Part 7

JiminXReader Genre:Fluff/Angst/Smut

Jimin POV
He woke up with you in his arms. You were still asleep. He took the time to admire everything you did. He cupped your face in his hand and stroked his thumb across your cheek. 
youre really amazing he thinks to himself. You moan as you turn around. He got flushed at the noise you made, but quickly shook off his thoughts. You stretched your arms and turned to face him again. This time, awake, Good morning beautiful he says. You just hum an answer, too lazy to open your mouth. He sat up and noticed he was still wearing his clothes from yesterday. He got up and walked to his closet. 
You rubbed your eyes and turned to look at him. He took off his shirt, revealing his toned abdomen. You couldnt help but stare. His body was perfect. Even his hair when he first woke up was still in two luscious waves. He ran his hand through it and noticed your stare. 
See something you like? He teases
Crimson crawls onto your cheeks and you throw a pillow at him as you quickly turn away, S-Shut up 
He smiles at your cuteness as he throws the pillow back onto his bed. He put on a white shirt and some sweats. He headed back to where you were sitting and tugged on your hand, Come on. We have to go downstairs before my mom comes up and notices you arent in your room. Shell assume things and shell kill me for it 
You laughed and nodded, quickly getting up. 
The both of you checked the doorway to make sure the path was clear before you quickly -but quietly- dashed to your room. 
It was Sunday morning. You headed downstairs to see Jimin staring at the counter. You walked up to him and noticed there was a note there

Were out for the day. We had meetings to go to. 
Y/ns dad went out to run some errands. 
Please clean up the house a bit. We wont be back until around 7 
- Mom

Looks like we have the house to ourselves you say behind him, surprising him with your sudden presence, Y-Yeah 
Well, this gives you the day to go and apologize to your ex His expression darkens at the mention of the name. But he just nods. 
You hungry? you ask him, heading towards the fridge, Ill make something 
He quickly shakes off the thoughts, Y-you can cook? Who wouldve known he tried to act like himself, but it wasnt working too well. 
Yeah, I always had to cook for myself because my dad always worked late and always got up early in the morning. Ever since I moved here, and before my mom died, she showed me a ton of recipes because she loved food and cooking. You smile at the thought of your mom. Jimin smiles back at you and pulls you into an embrace. You heart beat quickens and you look up at him. He didnt realize what he just did, so he quickly let go and rubbed the back of his neck, S-Sorry… 
I-Its fine you blush as you pull ingredients out of the fridge. 
You sat down at the table and Jimin looked down at your food, Did you really make this? It looks too perfect 
Really? you looked at your own food, happy that it made him think that way. He dug in, This is really delicious y/n! You should cook for me more often he smiled. You just blushed and focused on your own food. The atmosphere was quiet and calm. You enjoyed it. He cleaned up the plates and sat back down, So what are we going to do?
Hmm… Did you try texting her? Or calling her? 
Yeah, but it didnt go through. I think she blocked my number 
Hmm… then lets go to her house 
What?! W-Why??
What do you mean why? To apologize you idiot. And we should get flowers too. Girls love flowers 
He looked at the table before looking at you, Fine 
You went with him to buy some flowers. You arrived at the front of her house, but he was hesitant to get out of the car, What are you waiting for? you ask 
I-I dont feel comfortable doing this He fidgeted in his seat. You tried to encourage him, but nothing worked. Just leave them at the door then you suggest after 10 minutes of arguing. He nodded and got out of the car. You sighed, finally 
You watched him walk over to the door and place the flowers down. They had a note in it, so he didnt have to explain things. He quickly walked back to the car. When he entered, you patted his back, Feel better now?
Yeah… Thanks he smiles. 
Its good to have old Jimin back 
Really? I thought you didnt like me
Well, people change, right? You smile at him


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