Partners in Crime(part 5)


Summary: Not your typical flowershop AU

Members: Chanyeol X Reader

Type: Angst, Action, Fluff

Length: 2,357 words


Part 1

It had been a long, but peaceful morning. You had woken up in the simple and safe basement of the greenhouse, and when your eyelids slowly fluttered open, you were slightly disappointed to find find that Chanyeol was no longer near you. Your cheeks then heated up when you remembered that you had fallen asleep next to your bodyguard and that he happened to have his shirt unbuttoned and you could practically feel the warmth of his soft skin. You almost slapped yourself as you reminded your mind that you were supposed to be professional in the dangerous situation, but at the same time your heart already knew that you had fallen head over heels for the handsome stranger. It was almost weird knowing that it had already been a week since he had taken your hand and saved you from your boring life, you couldn’t believe that Chanyeol used to a be a simple man that would come into your flower shop and buy you flowers while he was secretly watching out for you. You slowly sat up in bed and turned to notice that on the other mattress lay a bowl full of freshly cut fruit and a bottled water, and there was a note with messy handwriting telling you that he was only upstairs figuring something out. He also mentioned to enjoy your gift, to which you wondered what he could have possibly given you. You stretched before letting out a sigh of content and moving towards your breakfast, picking up the bowl and fork only to furrow your eyebrows in confusion when you noticed something wrapped in paper underneath it. After you placed the tempting bowl down along with the utensil that came with it, your fingers then slowly uncovered the paper covering the item and you were surprised to find a necklace tucked deep within. It was a rectangle that was purposefully crafted to resemble a dog tag, however the only information that it held was the saying, “Partners in Crime.” Your fingers overturned the design only to find that the other side was empty and that it didn’t say anything else. You slowly slipped it around your neck as you began to munch on your breakfast, deep in thought as your mind wandered to the events that had unfolded the night before. Chanyeol had left you last night with your other necklace in his hand, and you had noticed it before but had not said a thing. Your Father had given it to you at the age of 8, and he told you that it was your Mother’s and that you could never take it off or lose it unless you were going to bathe. Speaking of your parents, you had a complicated upbringing. At the age of 8 you had lost your Mother, and the worst part was that you didn’t remember a single thing about her or the rest of your life before that year. Apparently the two of you had been in the car when she had gotten into a pretty bad accident and sealed her fate, and due to the trauma and shock as well as the impact your head had taken, you couldn’t recall any past memories. Your father was always distant to you and he never showed any real love, so when he gave you that necklace and told you that it used to be your Mother’s, you didn’t want to lose it. Despite the fact you didn’t know or remember her, it still made you feel somewhat connected to her. In Hindsight, it wasn’t that big of a deal that he had taken it the night before, it was just a necklace, right? The only thing was that you were confused as to why he wanted it. It was just a piece of jewelry that your father had given you, it didn’t have much of an impact. As you were finishing up your breakfast, you decided to question him about it later and instead focus on staying safe. Chanyeol came down a few minutes after you had changed into an outfit for the day ahead, and he greeted with a smile as he asked if you had slept well. You returned the friendly simper and told him you had slept just fine before he began to explain the plan for the day. He told you that the two of you would be taking a motorcycle to the 3rd nearest train stop, where you guys would get on a train and travel into the city, where you would finally check into a hotel and stay put. Apparently, In the closets inside the greenhouse that had once been filled with planting utensils like shovels and rakes, there was now some vehicles that could be used as a means of escape. Chanyeol taught you that it would be best to avoid the farmhouse at all costs due to the fact there definitely had to be some sort of trap waiting there, so now that the two of you were a few miles into the wilderness, it would be smart to go further where you would encounter civilization. While Chanyeol went back upstairs to continue filling the tank with gasoline, you then packed up a bag of some things that you guys would need before you mounted the stairs and said goodbye to your temporary but suddenly warm home. You had found the yellow envelope from before, but you hadn’t opened it because you remembered that Chanyeol told you not to look at it, even if you were really curious. After you had left the greenhouse and very fearfully hopped on the back of the motorcycle while putting on your helmet, your arms carefully and slowly wound around Chanyeol’s waist. He was adjusting the settings and different controls on the bike when he stopped and moved his hands down to cup your own, then moving them a bit higher so that you were more comfortable in that position. He reassumed his fiddling with the vehicle before he asked if you were ready, and when you said you were he began the motor and drove forwards. At first, the only thing that the two of you encountered was forest and trees but soon enough, you stumbled across a road and that eventually led to the more populated parts of town. The two of you drove for around 2 hours until finally, he turned into a bus station and parked the motorcycle in a spot. The two of you got off and he helped you with your helmet, telling you to simply leave it on the bike because an EXO member would pick it up in a few hours and bring it back to their headquarters. You then (shyly) took his hand and he guided you to the platform, where he bought the two of you tickets and told you it would only be a few minutes before the train would arrive. You stood with him on the platform and swung your intertwined hands together, feeling as if everything was relatively normal as the train finally entered the station and stopped for boarding time. Chanyeol helped you on and guided you to a seat, putting your bag of stuff on the ground as he looked through it to find some water and to double check that you two had the important things you needed. You had gotten the window seat and was looking out when you noticed a man in a suit, and your heart stopped at the sight of him. He was one of the men at the Flower Shop. His lips were slightly thick and he had a mop of dark hair, his eyes were sharp as they searched the windows of the train and you fearfully realized that he was looking for none other than you. Chanyeol hadn’t noticed, but you were thinking extremely quickly - What was an effective method that would cause someone to either look away, not notice the two of you, and be able to shield your faces at the same time. Your heart was pounding at a mile a minute as you hissed his name and when he looked up to see what was the matter, you didn’t skip a beat as he furrowed his eyebrows. You suddenly cupped his face with the palms of your hands, and you brought him close so that you could firmly press your lips against his. You could tell by the small grunt he made that he was caught completely off guard, however he slowly melted into the kiss as his large hands placed themselves on your waist. His lips were soft and his skin was as well, you were now inhaling not only his cologne, but also his aftershave. You could feel a little bit of stubble on his cheeks due to the fact that things had been so hectic, shaving had not been his first priority. When he began to move his lips against yours, you did the same and ignored all of your surroundigns. At that moment, despite the fact that a potential killer was right in front of you, you felt like everything was balanced. You had never felt happier in your entire life. You pulled away slowly when you realized that the train had started, and as you looked back to see the platform, the mysterious man was still there and he wasn’t looking at you, which meant that he must have skipped you and Chanyeol. You were panting slightly as you turned to face the male beside you once more, and you felt like you fell in love all over again. At the sight of his tussled hair and his chest rising faster than normal due to him trying to catch his breath, you noticed that you wanted to kiss his plump lips once again. Your cheeks lit up with a tinge of pink as you explained the man and described him in great detail to Chanyeol, to which his cleared his throat and nodded before saying the word, “Jin.” The rest of the train ride was spent with him clarifying who the rival gang was and which members they happened to be comprised of. They were called BTS and there were 7 members who all had different abilities and had been training for years. Like EXO, it was an all male mafia whose members specialized in different things, Jin was someone who was heavily skilled when it came to tracking and that had to be the reason as to why he was searching. Chanyeol told you not to worry though, he explained that there was probably a BTS member at every station and that the two of you would simply switch your seat to a spot that was covered and all the way at the front of the train, next to the driver. Chanyeol stayed true to his word, because after the conductor checked your tickets, he asked if there were any seats that had concealed windows and were up in front because you were prone to motion sickness. The rest of the ride was a breeze, and before you knew it, the two of you arrived in the City of Seoul. You had hoods on your jackets, and the two of you used it and you eagerly escaped the platform and hailed down a taxi to take to the hotel that you were staying at. In the car, Chanyeol explained that the two of you were Married Mr. and Mrs. Lee and you had been staying in the hotel for 3 days now. You caught on quickly and adopted the fake identity, immediately leaving the car once it stopped outside your new location and Chanyeol had paid. You both entered the Lobby, and Chanyeol immediately went to the front desk as he put on his best apologetic face and explained that the two of you had lost your keys at a restuarant last night. He also decided to order dinner for the two of you while he was there, so he mentioned that you might have wanted to sit on a couch for a few minutes and wait for him. While you were boredly flipping through a magazine, you noticed that Chanyeol was still reading the menu and in deep discussion, and there just so happened to be a payphone next to the restrooms. You walked over to your “husband”, and you told him you had to go to the bathroom, but you made sure to bring a few quarters with you. It wasn’t that you didn’t trust Chanyeol, and you were well aware of how dangerous it was going to be to make a phone call, but you needed to speak with your father. You honestly didn’t love him and this wasn’t something personal, you just had to talk with him about this whole crazy mafia business and confirm with him whether or not this was safe. You wanted some piece of your old life back as you made sure to hide the number and location of the payphone when you dialed your father’s cellphone. He picked up in less than one ring, and when you revealed his identity, he let out the biggest sigh of relief. He demanded to know where you were, and you assured him that you were with Chanyeol, then going into a long speech about how professional and equipped he was at his job. You mentioned how prepared and how smart your bodyguard was, and after you were done you realized how big your smile was and how your heart was beating fast. Your father didn’t say anything for a few seconds until he asked if Chanyeol was a member of EXO. You confirmed that piece of information before telling him that Chanyeol worked for him and that he was now your friend, but the next piece of information caused your heart to stop beating altogether. “_____, EXO doesn’t work for me, In fact, They’re the rival gang that has been trying to assassinate us. BTS is the gang that works for me, they’ve been trying to hunt you down because an EXO member kidnapped you last Friday.”

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