Regardless Pt.3

Regardless Ch.3 Angst “I am back my sunshine!” The week had ended and you could’t be happier than to see your lovely husband running towards you to give you a bug hug. He kissed you, 2, 3, 5 times and you lost count. “It looks like you are not tired at all”- You said smiling between kisses. You felt Jimin pick you up and headed towards your room. You knew what was coming. “I am not, and you better not be, I am not letting you go.” Its not like you didn’t want Jimin, heck, you craved for him. However, somehow you felt wrong. You had already gave your body to someone else, and Jimin didn’t deserve it. The love you have for Jimin kept you going, and you really hoped that the kisses and passion that you only gave to Jimin will only stay with him and with nobody else. _____ “Your husband is back it seems”- Yoongi looked at you with those piercing eyes. He had called you to his office as usual, always making Jimin do an errant for him, so he won’t find out. “Our plans won’t change... I am having you whenever I want”- He kept looking at you, and he continued. “Tonight, 8:00... At Miss Right Restaurant , you better be there...” You thought your eyes were lying to you, or may be you were already crazy. But Min Yoongi was blushing. His pale skin made it stand out even more. “What are you staring at? Leave already!”- He then pointed at the door, in which you only nodded and headed towards it, until you heard Yoongi called you again. “And remember to wear something nice” _______ You weren’t only running late. You were 1 hour and 30 minutes late. But you could’t help it. As soon as Jimin saw you in the dress you were wearing for “a night with your friends” he could’t help it but take off that dress of yours. and of course you weren’t saying no. And there he was... Min Yoongi, your boss was waiting for you, lilies in hand, outside in the cold. You didn’t expect this. What was this feeling? Why was your heart feeling so warm? You walked towards him and as he heard steps, he turned around to face you.You could see his eyes brighten up, amazed by your beauty and by the surprise that you actually came. “Where were...”- He wanted to continued, but he stopped mid way. “I am glad that you are here... lets go inside”- After giving you the flowers, which you accepted thinking you could throw then away the minute he didn’t see.He opened the door for you and you went in. It was a nice and calm restaurant, too fancy, really nice and comfortable. He spotted a table and went to sit, and so you did the same. You were greeted by a waitress who gave you the menu. “So, what do wanted to talk about?” Min Yoongi didn’t want to look up from the menu. “Yoongi sir?”-You inquired again. “I just wanted to come here once, ok? I didn’t had anyone else and I though about you and asked myself why not? You know?” “Well, thank you. I don’t go to these kind of restaurants this much” “Of course you don’t, your husband doesn’t treat you right?” And heck no, you weren’t leaving that aside. “Please, do not talk like that about my husband” “It seems like you love him very much, don’t you?” “Yes, I do” Yoongi went near your ear and whispered “Does he treat you like I do? Does he make love to you like I do?”- After he finished he had a smirk on his face as he went back to his sit across from you. “ Hell no he does’t it...He treats me like if I were his life and universe, and you don’t make love to me, you only use me for your nasty desires, Jimin makes love to me and I make love to him” You could see his face go from 10 to 0. And you wonder how much you have to pay back for this. Yoongi stood up and grabbed your hand, forgetting about the reservation, the flowers, the jewelry, the musicians he paid to play a song for you and the fireworks. _______ And there you were, in the same position you were in a few days ago. Min Yoongi, looking at you with hungry eyes, ready to devour you. He quickly removed his clothes. He went near you and strangely, he softly took away your dress as if he was afraid of hurting you. He kissed you softly and warmly. He kissed you as if he was in love with you. For the first time, you did’t think about anyone else, but Min Yoongi. To be continued.... A/N: Does anyone want more? Spoiler for next chapter: Someone is going to end up crying

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