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*knock knock*

I quickly shut the notebook and opened the door for the person. Namjoon was standing there with his hands folded together.

"We need to get going, Jin said that I should escort you or something. He wants me to look more gentlemanly. So, um...let's go." He put his hand out for me to take and I accepted it and we walked out to the living room. Meanwhile, Jin was struggling to get all of the members out and ready. Namjoon and I had to help him out but soon enough we all left for Seoul. We walked a few blocks away and called for a cab to ride us to downtown Seoul.

"Y/N, see that statue of a guy sitting?" Namjoon was still holding my hand and he showed me around.

"It's pretty hard to miss him. He's huge!" I looked up at the ginormous golden statue of some ancient Korean person.

"Well..." Namjoon started telling me about what this guy did for Korea and his history. I didn't really notice at first, but all the others had left us and were buying food. " then he...wait, y/n? Where are you going?" I pulled at his hand to stop talking and started walking towards Yoongi that held food for both me and Namjoon, hopefully. "When did they...?" We reached Yoongi and the others who were already half finished with their food.

"I didn't expect you to go that long with your lessons, Namjoon. We got these for you two." Yoongi handed both me and Namjoon a stick of the food. Most of the others finished their food and we talked as we finished. We left our spot under a tree and left for another place.

"Y/N, do you like culture and historical things?" Jimin asked me while he walked backwards. I shrugged since it wasn't something I'm super interested in but it didn't totally bore me. We walked a while then I spotted what looked like an ancient palace. Apparently, I was correct on what it was. A palace stood in front of us. I was amazed by how large it looked. They all were also amazed by the sight.

"Have you all been here before?" They all shook their heads and continued looking at all the detail. Namjoon walked up the steps to the entrance and we followed to pay our entrance fee. We walked around and learned about the palace and it's history. It's called the Gyeongbokgung Palace, which is sometimes called the Northern Palace. We spent a few hours looking through the palace and some of the thousands of rooms.

"I think we should get going if we want to get there early." Namjoon led us out and we thanked the staff as we walked out. He held my hand again and let us away from the palace. Not too far away was a park with a few tables. We walked towards one of the tables and sat down. Instead of calmly sitting there talking like normal adults would, we started playing around. We played an acting game but after a few rounds it ended with Hoseok and Tae getting mad at Yoongi and Jin. Since we were and pairs guessing, it was difficult.

Basically their category was female group and they apparently picked Red Velvet. They acted out a baker making a cake but Hoseok and Tae couldn't guess it. When Jin told them the answer Hoseok complained that their act didn't make any sense. In the end, Hoseok and Tae were playfully beating up Jin and Yoongi. But then the rest of us were somehow dragged into it and we played blind tag. It somehow got organized to an actual game by someone.

I was the blind tagger and started running around trying to use my sense of hearing to find someone. The rules were that we couldn't go past the table or trees or we'd be disqualified, even though you couldn't really get disqualified in tag. Other than that, the only other rule was not to push someone into the tagger or to hit the tagger.

"Move Kookie!" No one had said much to avoid getting themselves caught, but Jimin had said that. I knew that they would expect me to run forward but I ran to the left, the way I heard Jimin's voice run to. I touched someone and I took my hand off of my eyes to see who it was. It wasn't Jimin, it was Jungkook. Jimin probably pushed him in front of him to avoid getting caught. Oh well, at least I wasn't it anymore. Jungkook covered his eyes and started running as if his eyes were open.

"Come here~!" Jungkook called out in the center of us all. Taehyung came up with a tactic to get someone else caught by running around each one of us. As soon as he heard the step, Jungkook was off but slammed into Yoongi as he was running. We decided to quit after they told us they accidentally hit each other. So we sat and talked like somewhat normal adult, but the conversation wasn't normal. Namjoon suddenly got up from the table and said that we had to go now if we wanted to get there in time.

I still didn't know what he was talking about, but apparently everyone else knew.

Without him asking, I grabbed Namjoon's hand and started walking alongside him. He walked me to a three story restaurant that was just outside of the main Seoul area. Namjoon and Jin talked to the man at the pedestal thing about a reservation. They seriously made a special reservation for us, or me?

The man called for another man to lead us to a table.

"You made a reservation? Like a special reservation?" I looked at Namjoon's back as he nodded. "Is this a fancy dinner? Did I need to dress up?" Namjoon shook his head and sat at a table in the corner on the third floor. I sat beside him and Hoseok sat on the other.

"Well, if you want a nice seat like this then you have to reserve a spot. Otherwise you'll get a really crowded spot on the first floor. Did you notice how close everyone was?" Thinking back, the tables were very close together and some almost touching so someone could just barely get through. "The second floor is for large groups above 6 people or if the first floor gets extremely crowded and there are too many people waiting. The kitchen is also on that floor since the first floor is too crowded. Third floor is for those who call in. It's very nice and not many call in plus you have to pay extra to sit here."

"Then why doesn't everyone just call in?"

"Well, the food is cheap so people come here as a last minute decision a lot. Plus the food is pretty cheap. The food is still the same price and all." I nodded and wondered why it was like that. We ordered and talked for a bit until our food came. The food was very good, so good that I asked Namjoon for a bit of his to see what his tasted like since we got different things. While I savored some of his food he grabbed a bite of my food but I didn't really care.

"We should go now. It's late and we are going in tomorrow." Jin looked around so he could pay. We left the crowded restaurant and called two cabs to take us back. After the ride, we walked to the dorm and collapsed inside from tiredness. I forced myself to shower when no one else offered to. When I came out Jin and Yoongi were helping more Namjoon's stuff into my room. That's right, he said that he was going to move in today. I sat on my chair and later rearranged the room while Namjoon showered so that we had a bit more room.

I didn't really know what to expect but he has a lot of stuff. From song books to plushies, there was a lot. He can sort that out later and I'll help if he need me to. I was laying on my bed, staring at the ceiling thinking about life when Namjoon came back in.

"Did you fall asleep already?" He walked over to my bed and I shook my head to answer his question. He smiled and walked over to the light switch. "Well you need to be now. You must be tired." I put the covers on me and rest my head on the pillow while Namjoon turned off the light. I heard his bed creak slightly as he got in his bed.

"Good night, Namjoon."

"Good night, y/n."

Namjoonie!! Alrighty, I need suggestions for this guy. When the story branches out, I dunno what I'm gonna do. So, ya. Sorry if you're getting spammed, but I want to get these up today before I go to bed. Anyways, drop feedback, suggestions, and questions in the comments below! Bye!~

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