GOT7 Tattoo Art ~Results~

So, I did this thing. I wasn't gonna make a card and then I got tagged. TADA! Screenshot Tattoo Art Game!

I think I like motorcycles..... so, yay Thanks JB!

I got Jackson on 4 of these. Deep stare..... this could last forever and I wouldn't mind. Romantic boat ride.... okay. ♥ Kiss or make love..... let's start with kissing and see how that goes. My sweetheart is Jackson. Duh.

And then I got Mark for the other 2. Dreans of me... that's odd. Not sure if good or bad. Plus I can't see him. That's abit true since he is on the other side of the world from me. But despite that he confesses his love for me.

So, my main boys are Jackson, Mark and JB? But But But.... I need YoungJae! He is my wreaker. Give me YoungJae!


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