K-Pop Groups in a Fight :: SHINee

Hello, fellow Shawols! ❤️ This time we are looking at how the members of SHINee should be approached in a fight and how they would react to it. As always, tell me if you think any of my predictions about the members' behavior are off or inaccurate. We're going in orderly fashion yet again, from Maknae to oldest member. Without further ado, let the fight begin!

Taemin :: 이태민

Most likely Winner

Minho :: 최민호

Most likely Winner

Key :: 김기범

go for his face.Most likely Winner

Jonghyun :: 김종현

Most likely Winner

Onew :: 이진기

Most likely Winner

This one was really fun to write. 😊 What do you guys think, could you see a fight with SHINee go down that way?

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