*Commissions For Drawings Open W/Prices*

Hello everyone, just wanted to let everyone and anyone know if your interested, I am now open for any requests on drawings. Down below is more info ^-^ NOTE: *These drawings are based on things I've seen on the internet or family pictures* *Do Not Steal My Logo!*


Link--> http://www.vingle.net/collections/4263656?asrc=copylink Art Facebook Page: https://m.facebook.com/Jesss-Art-World-273564472836846/

This is an example of a Colored Character with Plain Background. Un ejemplo de Personaje de color y fondo plano.

This is an example of a Black and White Character with a Plain background. Un ejemplo de Negro y Blanco Personaje con fondo plano.

This is an example of an additional character with plain background. Un ejemplo de Cualquier Personajes adicionales con fondo plano.

If anyone is interested or have a question, please leave me a comment below or send me a DM on Vingle or any of my Social Media's listed above on my Logo ^-^ Si alquien està interesado/a o tiene alguna pregunta, dèjenme un comentario or mandenme un mensaje en cualquier de los redes sociales en mi Logo ^-^ If you found something on the internet you like and want it drawn, let me know. If you want something changed on the image let me know as well. Si usted encontrò algo en el internet que gustan dibujado, avísenme. Si gustan algo cambiado en el imagen, avísenme tambien. I will be adding some of the drawings I have done on here under the Folder 'Drawings' if you want to see the stuff I draw to see what I do :) Yo estarè subiendo algunos de mis dibujos aqui abajo del folder 'Dibujos' por si gustan ver lo que hago :) For those that don't live nearby, no worries, I got you! I have a Paypal account that you can send in your pay! Por las personas que no viven cerca no se preocupen! Yo tengo una cuenta de Paypal en donde puedan mandarme su pago! Thank You, (Gracias) Jess ♡ Tag List: @JaiiPanda@PrettieeEmm@ElleHolley@ashleyemmert@Isolate@KhrystinaLee@EliseB@baileykayleen@bryyyaanna@kpopandkimchi@ninjamidori@KwonOfAKind@ChelseaAustin@Helixx@4dalientae@KeylaMoreno@heidichiesa@catchyacrayon@loftonc16@Jasong659@QueenLee@StephanieDuong@rapmonjams@KaeliShearer@staceyholley@flxvour@AimeeH@InnocentiaKishi@LexxCisco@ChaHakyum@LinnyOk@DonnaSearles@bubblekookie *Let me know if you would like to be tagged on future cards of mine or be untagged* *I may update this card at times*

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