Bts Husband Game (Results)

Wow...I'm so addicted to these it's not even funny....ok maybe a little ;) Game from@ashleyemmert <~THANKS! <3

Aww yeah! I love you too Tae!

Now no funny business Nam...I'm watchin u. -_-

I like to cuddle...he was the perfect candidate.

Not cool man! D:

Wow...hes really trying...oh no...I feel guilty now

Well this should be interesting... RM: *breaks the chair he was gonna sit in* RM: "Aww fu*k"

Yoongi please. Stap it.


Haha love that gif...he does seem like he could be drunk here...maybe just a little. XD Anyways, if you enjoyed this card, leave a like and let me know if you would like to be tagged in future randomness!

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