Derek Fisher takes shot at Rajon Rondo over triangle comments

It seems as if Derek Fisher wants nothing to do with Rajon Rondo.

Late last week, Rondo was asked a question about the Knicks, in particular if New York had a chance of acquiring the vet in free agency this summer. Rondo told reporters in Brooklyn he probably won’t be interested in signing with the Knicks this summer, saying “The triangle’s not really a good look for me, I don’t think,” Rondo said of the Knicks' offensive system.

Word got back to Knicks coach Derek Fisher, and Fish had some harsh comments in respond to the quote.

“You can’t ask a guy that wasn’t very successful playing against it whether or not he wants to come play in it,”

It's up in the air to determine if Rondo was, or wasn't successful while playing against the Triangle on the biggest stage in his career. In the Finals that Rondo’s Celtics lost, the point averaged 13.6 points, 7.6 assists, 6.3 rebounds and 1.6 steals per game. Fisher averaged 8.6 points and two assists in that series.

He also split in his Finals appearances against the Lakers, going 1-1 in the matchups.


Did Fisher kill any chance the Knicks had a getting Rajon Rondo?

Was his harsh criticism of Rajon Rondo's style of play justified?

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