Friendship and Love pt.2 (BTS fanfic)


"Watch it!""AHH oh my gosh! I so sorry""I didn't see""It's fine..""Just watch where you're going..""Are you going to cry?""What no! That's stupid""Good. I'm Taehyung! I'm so sorry for bumping into you. I have to go!""What the heck was that?"

"Hyung! Hyung!!""Wait up!!""If you were on time we would of not left.""I can't believe you ran into her. You gotta watch where your running man..""I hope you didn't scare her..""Poor girl""You should of got her name before you left""Yeah ya should of..""At least he was a gentleman and helped her gather her stuff"You helped her up right?""No. I just wanted to catch up with you guys""Your something else Taehyung.."

"what took you so long! Your so late!""One if those new kids bumped into me and sent my stuff flying everywhere."Oh my gosh! Really! Tell me the details. I need to know ""I will...when we get to my house"What?!""Was he cute. What did his voice sound like? What color is his eyes?!""The guy who bumped into me in the hallway was really weird. He thought I was crying because I bumped into him. He seemed like he was in a rush""Y/n! This is like a korean drama. A bunch of Pretty men appear in front of you. But then you meet all of them in these mini moments. And one ends up being your lover while all of them fall in love with you then you loose a good friendship with them""Its so romantic"He didn't even help me up""Your so cute y/n"

"Y/n. ""Yeah?""Promise me you will stay my friend?""Why are you asking that. Remember. Best friends forever""Yeah. Friends forever""Night"

pt.3 is here@LemonLassie@ninjamidori@Destiny98@faith92@MichelleMonroe

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