Between the Two Challenge!


Made by the lovely@AimeeH You could go to her profile to check the original card and rules! You have to pick 15 biases in no particular order and answer the questions!!

My Biases: 1. Jimin of Bts 2. Suga of Bts 3. Changkyun of Monsta X 4. Hyuk of Vixx 5. Heedo of BIG 6. Jaeho of History 7. Youngjae of Got7 8. I:ota of AlphaBat 9. JR of Nu'est 10. Wonwoo of Seventeen 11. Sunyoul of Up10tion 12. Zelo of BAP 13. Daesung of Big Bang 14. Jonghyun of SHINee 15. Jaejoong of JYJ It was starting to get difficult as I was trying not to get people from the same group! Only picture of Daesung I had!

Questions: 1. B/w 4&14, who would you be more apt to marrying? That's b/w Hyuk and Jonghyun..... I will choose Hyuk because we are closer of age! Besides Jonghyun seems more like a brother... 2. B/w 1&5, who would you sing/rap with? Thats Jimin and Heedo..... oh man holy shit! I would love to sing....but I think rapping is more my thing....Im sorry ChimChim but I will choose Heedo! *a gasp could be heard from the distance* 3. B/w 6&13, which one would you introduce to your family? Honesly none because my parents don't do well with Asians.....they are Hispanic and they tend to make fun.....but! I would choose Daesung because he seems more calm and will probably make an impression! 4. B/w 2&8, who would be your best friend? Ahhh this is difficult.....both seem like amazing guys! But I think I would go with Yoongi because we have more in common than I have with I:ota! 5. B/w 3&15, who would you want to kiss more? Jaejoong? Or Changkyun? Hmmmm.......... Changkyun because Jae is also kind of like a brother! (Don't kill me!)

6. B/w 7&12, who would you rather nurse back to health? Ahhhh.....they are both adorable! Zelo really doesn't look like the type to be fawned over..... so Youngjae! I could imagine how sweet it would be! 7. B/w 9&11, who is the better singer/rapper? Already dreading the answer..... Well JR is a rapper and Sun is a singer....actually quite easy....Sunyoul has an amazing singing voice! 8. B/w 10&3, who would get along more with your friends? Tough....Changkyun and Wonwoo are almost the same..... both would actually get along well with my friends.....but Wonwoo gets this one because we all are sometimes chill.....really quiet.... 9. B/w 8&15, who would you date? Hmmm.... I:ota!!! I would feel a big more comfortable around him....Jae sometimes looks intimidating..... 10. B/w 1&7, who would you cook for? No doubt in my mind.....Jimin!! Even though I am not a great cook I am sure that he wouldn't mind and love the feelings I put into making it!

11. B/w 4&12, who would make you laugh the most? Well every time I see Vixx Tv....Hyuk makes me Hyukie....don't worry Zelo you make me smile!! 12. B/w 3&13, who has the most contagious smile? Daesung.....every time he smiles I smile as if on reflex.... 13. B/w 5&10, who would make the better father? Wonwoo.....its just the facts guys!! Heh sorry Heedo!!! 14. B/w 6&9, who would you rather be stuck on an isolated island with? JR....he seems like he would immediately try to find a way to escape....there will be fun times but mostly serious!


Proud K-pop loving Californian girl!! Major fan of Bts and VIXX!! Ask away...heh I am very fun once you get to know me, I would love to make friends on here! Send me a message if you are interested ^-^
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