Day Eight - Ships!!!

Hello everyone! And here we are at day 8. This is one of the cards I've been excited to do. I have one pair in mind, but I'll probably go into other ships too.

Okay. I am not ashamed to say that I am stony and stucky trash (or even the three of them in an ot3). But for right now, there is one pairing that has been on my mind recently. I got dragged into rarepair hell, and I'm bringing you all with me.

And that pairing is Tony Stark/Matt Murdock (or as I like to call it, IronDevil)


After a friend of mine watched Daredevil she became completely enamored with this pairing and started geeking out with me over it, and over the course of an evening, this pairing had sunk its claws into me.

These two men are passionate about helping people, and I think they could really find common ground in that, and I think they could learn a lot from each other. Tony may be passionate about wanting to help people, but he's never lived in poverty before. He's lived a very privileged life and doesn't know what people who live on a fixed income's lives are like, and I think Matt could really enlighten him on that perspective. And you can't tell me Tony wouldn't go to hell and back for the person he loves. Also, I know that both of them have self esteem issues, and I really think they could be there for each other and be able to see the good and beauty in each other.

I haven't read very many of the comics, so I don't know what their relationship is like in the comic universe but as far as MCU goes, I am completely hooked on this pairing.

These are some other pa

and just for reference, none of these images are mine. I just have very good googlefu skills.

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