V-DAY Ideas: A simple, kind of cheesy, meaningful valentines present!

(my recently completed mixtape cover/sleeve)

Mixtape madness!

So making a mixtape is pretty much a go to Valentine's Day gift for guys. It's (fairly) simple, easy to execute, and is almost guaranteed to be a home run with your special someone. So long as you put in at least a *little* time! When you give your special someone your gift, along with a candle or something sweet, they're sure to swoon over... Well hopefully you. If you're mixtape is as bomb as you should be making it, they may be a little distracted as they listen to it over and over.

So what's the catch?

It comes down to how much you really care. I threw together this bad boy (cover above, back/titles below) in about 1-2 hours.

Between listening to hundreds of songs and scouring my playlists to find the perfect ones, figuring out how to burn a disc again (it's been a while), and creating my CD sleeve, I'd say I'm pretty happy with my work. And here's the thing- no matter what yours comes out looking like, or if you just hand her a CD, she's sure to love it. As long as the songs you picked are meaningful or her favorite love songs, a mixtape will never fail to explain the feelings you can't put into words. Happy burning, and good luck! Feel free to discuss your favorite tips and tricks and I'll be happy to help out and give feedback!

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