My Plans for V Day [Single af]

Just because you're single on valentines doesn't mean you have to be sad and hate this day! Instead dedicate this day to yourself by doing all of your fav things that you didn't have time to do! Hangout with your single friends and if they're busy, like mine, then try your best in making your day enjoyable. I've been craving for some time for myself ever since the beginning of january and now that i've got it i'm gonna make the best out of it!

So here are my plans on v day after 2 p.m:

1. A Massage

I've been taking karate classes this year and working hard so this is something i really need. And who said you can't be with a guy on V day if you're single?! For this valentines what can be better than having a masseur to soothe your sore muscles at home! But well you can choose a masseuse if you want to or just get your bff to give you one!

2. Manicure/Pedicure

I don't have any interest in getting my nails done but for this valentines i'm going to have both a manicure and a pedicure since@marshalledgar has recommended me to do it. I've never applied nail polish in my life but yeah I better start doing some more girly stuffs now!

3. Playing video games/Watch kdrama

I want to do both but i will have time only for one so i'm gonna choose gaming because ever since i started working and going to uni i couldn't find any time to play my fav video games :( In my free time, either i'm with my friends or just working on projects. I've been detached from this fab world of mine for so long so i really need to play just a little bit of GTA maybe.

4. Food

Pizza is the last choice when i've got enough money to treat myself to an exquisite dinner! I've cravings for different food every month. January was noodles and now all i can think of this month are oysters, squids, and spicy crab soup! I've saved enough money to order a great variety of seafood dishes from my fav restaurant! This will be the best moment of my V day!

5. Pampering

One of the things i love doing is care for my face and my body! But it takes a lot of time so i can't do it regularly! The best pampering is to light some scented candles and put some relaxing music while you relax in a bubble bath then apply your products but i ain't got time for that so i'm gonna keep it quick and simple! I'll try applying a face pack and hair mask if i've enough time and then pop into my bathtub filled with warm water, some essential oils and rosewater. After that a quick shower then apply the rest of my skin/body products!

Anyone has got better ideas for this valentine??

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