Sinless Chocolate Desserts

rich chocolate treat that won't send you running for the gym. These cakes, tortes, puddings and more are all around 300 calories (or less) per serving! 1. Raspberry-Chocolate Angel Food Cake 2. Chocolate-Hazelnut Pudding 3. Chocolate-Ginger Angel Food Cake 4. Chocolate Torte 5. Chocolate-Banana Tarts 6. Flourless Chocolate-Walnut Cookies 7. Mexican Hot Cocoa 8. Chocolate Marble Cheesecake 9. Warm Chocolate Cakes With Coffee Crème Anglaise 10. Chocolate-Cornmeal Waffles This is The recipes links to 2 of my favourites among the list above, but i can always post the rest if anyone makes a request! Don't hesitate!

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