Between the 2 (First challenge ever accepted which I most likely will regret XD)

Ok so this is the first challenge I've ever accepted and let me say I'm scared of what will it result in.

Let's start with the challenge then (since everything about this challenge seems to be an actual challenge).

First I must chose 15 of my favorite biases.

My 15 biases are...(Drum roll)

1. Taemin(SHINee)

2. Ren(Nu'est)

3. Xiumin(EXO-M)

4. Jungkook(BTS)

5. Kai(EXO-K)

6. Henry Lau(Super Junior-M)

7. Ravi(VIXX)

8. Chanyeol(EXO-K)

9. Luhan(EXO-M)(I know he is no longer in EXO but he is still one of my my top biases)

10. Sehun(EXO-K)

11. G-Dragon(Big Bang)

12. Rap monster(BTS)

13. Jimin(BTS)

14. Ryeowook(Super Junior)

15. Key(SHINee)

Ok so I think I have finally mentally prepared myself for this. I hope(making a small prayer)

Question 1: Between 4 & 14: Who would you be more apt to marrying?

Jungkook vs Ryeowook

Well this started hard right of the back -_-"

Ok well Jungkook is artistic and I know that is what we mainly have in common, and I feel like we would have more things in common since we are closer to age(he is only 2 years older than me) plus he has such an innocent face too one that I feel like you could never say no to and for some reason he reminds me of a cute bunny.


On the other hand, Ryeowook seriously hates balls and that is also one of my biggest fears(During Gym i would always avoid any sport that involved balls especially soccer and basketball) He also cooks and I feel like I could actually imagine us cooking together.(A girls has to dream XD).

From what I know from both of them(I'm really sorry it isn't much because I am still kinda new to kpop) I feel like I would be more compatible with Ryeowook than Jungkook. So I chose Ryeowook. (The chest pain has started)

Question 2: Between 1 & 5: Who would you sing/rap with?

Taemin vs Kai


No I can't chose I feel like I'm about to cry.

Ok Taemin is like my bery first Ultimate biases and they

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