One Shot pt. 14


WARNING : Mature, gang related content


Himchan wipes the blood off his face and then grips even tighter on Youngjae's collar.

He's confused. He hasn't felt like this before; this rage, this fury, it's over powering and uncontrollable. He's never dealt with it and doesn't know how to reel it back in.

He slams Youngjae against the wall again, causing the boy's head to fly back and collide with it. Himchan is shaking. "Why are you ruining what I have! Who the hell are you that you think you can come in here and kick me to the fucking curb!"

Youngjae can hardly lift his head, but he manages to lift it enough to look at him. His vision is blurred, but his words are crystal clear; and they hit Himchan like a bullet through the chest. "I'm your replacement."

Once again he slams him against the wall with more force; causing the boy to pass out after his head hits the wall.

He tosses him to the ground, looks at what he's done, and tries to process the situation. All he can think about are Youngjae's words and actions though.

He's completely confused as to what just transpired. "Why should I leave and you stay? Why is he telling me to leave; he's never said anything like that? Why is he acting like this? It's not-" A look of realization comes over his face; however, the conclusion coming to Himchan is clouded by emotions he doesn't know what to do with.

"That's what I have to do." He goes over to his desk and pulls out one of the drawers. He grabs a gun and walks over to the unconscious Youngjae. He thinks for a few moments about whether this is the ideal course of action to solve the problem.

"It's for the best."

As he cocks the gun, the door suddenly flies open.

"What's going on! We heard shouting!" It takes only a split second for Sungmin to put everything together and immediately charge at Himchan.

He tackles him to the ground and swiftly pistol whips him with perfect accuracy to immediately render him unconscious.

He quickly gets up and looks at his baby brother's limp, beaten body. "Yongguk! Yongguk get in here now!"

Yongguk looks around the room and sees what's happening. "What's going on in here!"

"I don't know! I'm taking Youngjae to get some medical attention. So grab that fuck and tie him up somewhere and we can figure this out later!" He picks up Youngjae and rushes out of the room, blood dotting the floor as he makes his way down the hall. There's only two things on his mind: the possibility of his brother dying; and what he's going to do to Himchan.


After several hours Sungmin goes to find Yongguk standing outside one of the storage rooms.

When he sees him approaching, his concern becomes evident. "How's Youngjae? Is he alright?"

"Back alley doctor said he has a concussion, but that he'd be alright. As much blood as there was, I was expecting the worst; turns out most of it was just from his nose and mouth from being hit in the face."

He breathes a sigh of relief. "I was worried, the kid's kinda grown on me."

"Yeah, he does that. So what's going on with him?" He gestures towards the door.

"He came to about half an hour after. Yelled for awhile and now he's just been quiet."

"He was yelling?"

He nods. "It's pretty scary. I've never heard him get angry; that's what makes it so unnerving. He just sounded like a caged animal."

Sungmin turns away and mumbles, "Jesus. What the hell are we going to do?"

"All I know is that we need to talk to Youngjae before we do anything about Himchan."

"You're right. He should be clear headed enough to talk soon. Go tell Jongup and Junhong to guard the door."

"Yeah, better to have two people covering that guy."


Youngjae finishes telling the men what happened and they are far from understanding.

"What the hell is wrong with you!" Sungmin is furious. "Do you know that he was about to kill you before I came in!"

Yongguk pipes in giving his thoughts. "Youngjae, he's been beating you and you thought this was a good idea? What did you possibly expect to happen?"

"Let's hear it, come on. I want to know what kind of fucked up reason you had to provoke him in his current state of mind."

Youngjae has completely drawn into himself. He feels like a child all over again when Sungmin talks to him like this. He's on the verge of tears. He hates disappointing his brother.

Sungmin shakes his head. "Nope, don't start now. You're not going to cry your way out. You're almost twenty years old. I know you're my little brother, but you need to man up."

He can't help it, the tears start flowing and he can't stop them. He knows he's almost twenty, but not being allowed to cry is a difficult thing to deal with, at least for him it is.

Sungmin rolls his eyes, gives an exhausted sigh, and hugs him. "Come on now. I'm not gonna hate you, okay? Just tell me why you did it." He knows that embracing him always settles him down. He's his brother and sometimes it's required that he treat him like that and not just another member of the gang.

Youngjae takes a few more deep breaths and calms himself. "I wanted to help you get him to leave. I wanted him to get frustrated and quit. But when he started to beat me I thought that would give you a good reason to kick him out, so I kept egging him on."

Yongguk once again speaks his mind, "And it almost got you killed! You're smart but sometimes you seriously lack common sense. Think about what we do, do you think it would have bothered him in the slightest to kill you?"

Youngjae looks down, defeated and ashamed of what he did. "I'm sorry."

Yongguk softens his tone, "I get that you want to have him gone, especially since he's been abusing you; but don't abuse yourself in the process. Look, I like having you around and this place wouldn't be the same if you were dead and gone. Don't go putting your life on the line any more."

Sungmin pats him on the back. "I agree, we need you around. And as much as I hate to admit it, your spur of the moment 'plan' did work. We now have a reason to make Himchan go. He can't go around attempting to kill members no matter who they are. Not to mention the guy's lost it."

The men stand up about to leave, when Sungmin pats his brother on the head. "Good job I guess. But don't ever think of letting yourself get beaten or killed for the sake of this gang again." He looks over at Yongguk who's waiting and then whispers to Youngjae, "You're my baby brother okay, you're precious to me and I don't want you to die." His stern look softens and he smiles slightly. "Now get some rest, dumbass."




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