When Taking Out an Enemy Plane Goes Wrong in Call of Duty

one of the greatest clips I have ever seen

Or in this case, it's when someone does something that's a giant whoopsie-daisy. A big ol' mess about. A wrong step. A miscalculated shot. Anything that just makes the player cringe because they didn't mean to mess something up that terribly. And that's definitely the case in Noob for Hire's aptly titled "Oops" clip.

It's a pretty short clip but if you're in some kind of subterranean transit vehicle (subway train) I'll describe it for you. It starts off pretty normal, you know? Someone on the opposite team must have called in a supply drop and the good thing to do in these situations is to shoot it down to mess with the other team.

And that's exactly what the player does. Except when the plane finally goes down, the supply drop goes with it unharmed and ends up killing one of his teammates! Like, imagine all the circumstances that need to be in place in order for that to actually happen! It's definitely not something you can plan and watching it happen in front of me made me giggle for a little bit too long.

Have you guys had any situations like this while you played your games? Let me know in the comments below!


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