Agent Krystal Chapter 26/?

Wow, Chapter 26! This is already longer than Captain Criminal minds! As always, I thank you so much for loving this story so very much! I hope you like this chapter too!

Charles laid there, arm over his eyes as he sighed. "How could I have been so stupid, Raven? I know how damaged she is, and I hurt her! I hurt her so badly!" he lamented, afraid the woman would never forgive him. He had promised her that he wouldn't hurt her, and he had. It hurt his soul to think that he might never see her again. Raven stroked his hair lovingly. "She'll forgive you, Charles. Just give JJ a little time to talk to her." she soothed, knowing that her fiancee had it all in hand. Not only was he a psychologist, but there was no other person on earth that knew Krystal as well as he. She knew he would help her see reason.

JJ brushed his mother's long hair out as she sang along softly to the album that played over her speakers. He knew this was the quickest way to calm her down. Krystal let out a soft sound, small sad smile on her face. "We'll fix this, won't we, sweetness? Charles still loves me right?" she asked, her expression showing her utter vulnerability. Krystal was raw with emotion and trying to keep herself balanced. Very few had seen this side of her, and right now, she was as stable as she could be. She still wanted to cry, but the soothing feel of her son brushing he hair calmed her enough not to. JJ smiled, helping her pick a dress to wear. "He still loves you, mommy. Let's go show him you feel the same."

There was a soft click as Krystal meekly walked into the room, looking unsure. "Charles, can we talk?" She asked softly, her eyes showing her concern. Despite still being a little mad, she still loved him and wanted to make sure he was okay. Charles stretched as he sat up, looking at the woman he loves. "Of course, Krys." he replied softly, beckoning for her to sit next to him on the bed. They both watched as JJ walked Raven out. This was private, and the two of them needed time. He let out a sigh, smiling a little as she leaned into him and kissed his cheek. So, she didn't hate him. That was a good sign.

Krystal rested her head on Charles's shoulder as he let out a soft sigh. "You had to know I didn't mean to hurt you, Krys. I was just overwhelmed." he started, pausing only a moment to take a large drink of the hangover cure JJ had set on the table for him. He needed to get this out before he lost the courage to say it. "When I was about 6, my dad died accidentally, and my mother remarried his lab partner and our family friend. He brought with him my step brother, who was a very cruel boy who used to beat me, and then was beaten by his father. After a few years, my mother died too, and my step brother, who I had come to be friends with, were left alone with his abusive father." Charles explained, taking a breath as Krystal rubbed his back in reassurance. She was beginning to understand why he was reluctant to have kids. Charles took in another breath. "I have no next of kin, and neither did he, so when his father was killed in a house fire, we banded together and took care of ourselves. That's when I met Raven. She had snuck into the mansion to steal food, and by then, I had figured out my powers. I invited her to stay with us, and she's been with me ever since. My step brother dissappeared a few days later though." You could hear the heart wrenching pain he had suffered in his voice. Krystal stroked his cheek, giving him a reassuring kiss. "I'm so sorry you had to go through that, love. Don't worry, you aren’t your stepfather or your step brother. If you don't want kids, I will give them up for adoption in my world, but, just know that I love you, and it would have been fine." she soothed softly, pulling him closer to her. She wasn't going to let him go, not knowing what she did now. She now knew he was just as damaged as she.

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