K-Pop Valentines

Story Time:

Jinwoon of 2AM (kinda) and he is also an actor

Himchan of BAP because he's a precious old man whom I love.

JOOHEON BABE I LOVE YOU. ... I mean, Jooheon of Monsta X.

Aw V from BTS is so perfect in this photo for Valentines cause of the hair color.

Tried to be punny for Hyunsik of BtoB. Doesn't sound exactly like sick, because of the ㅅ and 이 combination makes more of a sh- sound. This is still one of my faves though.

Yongguk from BAP. Such a precious, deep voiced muffin.

Some Hyuk and N love from VIXX!

Nothing wrong with some beautiful Block B boys!

Oh okay Kai.

Oh Jin! What a beautiful Bangtan boo.

That is the final one, I have a few more but they might be a bit too dirty to share haha. Ima just keep in on the PG.

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