Partners in Crime(part 7)


Summary: Not your typical flower shop AU

Member: Chanyeol X Reader (Babydoll)

Type: Action, Angst, Fluff

Length: 2,179 words


[ There is mention of Chloroform in this chapter, Date Rape Drugs are not in any way okay. If you see or hear something of this happening around you, please report it to authorities. It is a serious matter. ]


Part 1

His grip on you was tight and merciless as he yanked you through the hotel’s back entrance and over to a black van. Your chest was heaving with panicked breaths due to the fact you had just witnessed an incredibly horrific scene that would surely stay with you until you died, and the worst part had to be the lack of closure that you ended up with. Chanyeol could be dying and mumbling his last words as your shoes clacked against the wet pavement, and you wouldn’t be there to hold him close. He could be terrified right now and you weren’t there to comfort him, and the realization that all of this was your fault brought an overwhelming sense of grief and guilt upon your shoulders. You didn’t know you were crying hysterically until you suddenly heard Jin screaming at you to shut up, and that caused you to attempt to seal your lips and soothe your rapid hiccups, your attention then focusing on where you were going currently. You seemed to reach the black van, but what you didn’t expect was for the male to shove you forward and practically throw your body against the door. You winced as flashes of pain came from all over your body, and when you looked up, your scream was swallowed by a cloth. Jin had soaked the fabric in chloroform and was now smothering your nostrils and mouth with it, and despite the fact you initially attempted to hold your breath until he released his hold, you inevitably gave into the sweet smelling chemical and lost your balance. He swiftly caught you, and you wondered how he had turned so heartless and cruel and could render you unconscious without feeling any sort of misery. He could have killed someone that meant the world to you yet he could laugh about it and kick them like it had no toll on his emotions. You blacked out for a bit, but when you woke up, you were in the passenger seat of the van and he was driving on the highway and singing along merrily to an old song. Your heart sank with pure fear as his low pitched voice followed every single lyric and although some of the song sounded fuzzy, some parts stuck out. The disturbingly happy pitch and eerie lyrics made you feel even more sick than you initially were after inhaling the chemicals.“Hush Hush Hush, Here Comes The Boogeyman.” You passed out again afterwards. When you regained consciousness, it was dark and you awoke to the pitter patter of the rain droplets against the glass windows. Your head was pounding and your throat felt extremely dry as you slowly opened your eyes once more and observed your surroundings. Jin was no longer in the car, you were cold, and when your gaze drifted to glance outside the window, you realized that the van was located in the parking lot of a bar. Your hands were shaking as they tried to open the car door, but your attempts were futile due to the fact it was locked and there was no way to open it. You were having trouble remembering what was going on, but as you continued to wake up and realize what was going on, bits and pieces of the events that occurred earlier came back to you. You could remember Chanyeol thrusting the backpack into your hold, and his deep voice floated back into your thoughts, telling you that he had packed you a few water bottles. When looking down at your feet, you noticed that the white backpack was nowhere to be found, however when you craned your neck, you found it in the backseat. Everything was foggy as you reached for it, and the muscles in your hands felt weak as your fingers barely tugged the pack onto your lap. You fumbled with the zipper for a few seconds or a few minutes - you couldn’t keep track of time anymore. Once you were finally able to open it, your hands slowly investigated the contents, and you found a water bottle easily. It took you a while to screw open the cap, however you were able to successfully open it and take a few long sips. Things felt clearer afterwards, but you were still a bit clumsy and slow due to the fact you were still recovering from the chloroform. You put the bottle back in the backpack, but another item caught your eye and you picked it up to examine it. It was a phone. It was already turned on, and after a few attempts, you were able to open up the list of contacts and scroll through. You could feel everything going in and out of focus, and a pang of fear went through you as you realized that you were close to blacking out again. You didn’t want Jin to return and see you with a means of escape, so the pad of your finger quickly and shakily scrolled down the list of contacts and tapped a random name that you were unable to read. You drowsily leaned your head against the seat and listened to the dull ringing noise next to your ear, knowing that whether or not someone picked up would either kill you or save your life. You barely knew what you were doing, especially with the chemicals mixed in, however you hoped with all your being that someone could help you. “Chanyeol?” You inhaled sharply as a smooth and deep voice picked up, and instantly tears formed on your lower lashes as you began to sniffle and shake your head as all the memories of what happened to Chanyeol flashed through your mind. Just the sound of his name caused your heart to skip a beat but then sink with the most raw disappointment, knowing that he could very possibly be dead at this point. “P-Please help me. I-I.” Your words were slightly slurred and you were forgetting how to even speak, but you were focusing all of your energy on trying to focus and talk to whoever picked up on the other side of the line. You took a break or two when you were formatting the one sentence, but you had finally gotten your point across successfully, and you eagerly waited for a response. “I-I don’t know where…I am. I need help.” There was a pause on the other end, and for a few seconds you suddenly feared that your savior had disappeared, however he spoke again, and you would have sighed in relief if you weren’t on the brink of passing out.“Is this _____?” You shook your head and was about to protest when you realized that was actually your real name, and your eyebrows furrowed in confusion as your bit down on your bottom lip. You were about to tell this person that your name wasn’t _____, it was Babydoll. You were Chanyeol’s Babydoll, who was ____? You had left that life behind the second Chanyeol had taken your hand in the flower shop and promised you a life of adventure and traveling, you had become a completely different person and you didn’t recognize the foreign syllables. “Y-Yes…I was t-t-taken by Jin but Chanyeol is.” Your bottom lip quivered as your tears eventually fell and you began to cry softly, but the voice on the other side of the line hushed you softly and told you that everything was going to be okay. You couldn’t bring yourself to talk about Chanyeol, and you were glad that the male wasn’t questioning you any further about his fate. He spoke very slowly and gently as he explained that he would find you soon and that you just had to hold on for now, he told you to try and get the door to open if you could. He also informed you that he would be wearing a black trench coat and that he would be tracking the chip inside the cellphone, so you had to be careful not to lose it. He also instructed you on how to pick the car lock if you had to. He placed a lot of emphasis on getting out of the car and away from it, because if Jin was at a bar, then there was a chance he would be intoxicated and he would have trouble finding you in the parking lot. You searched for a way to unlock the door, and the male promised that he would stay on the line until you were out. It felt like you were moving through jello as you finally managed to reach over to the driver’s side and unlock the door, and when you did, you hesitantly opened the car door and stepped out. You had managed to also sling the white backpack onto your shoulders, and you stumbled onto the concrete with the phone still pressed against your ear. You had to practically lean against the door to shut it, but once you did, you limped away to hide between a few other cars on the other side of the parking lot. You felt like you were passing out again, and you then told the person you had called, and he told you that he was already driving to come and get you. He told you to stay strong, but you couldn’t stop the black ink taking over your vision and causing you to go limp against the random vehicle. You woke up to slurred screaming, and your heart stopped when you realized that it was coming from none other than Jin. You were shaking as you immediately reached for the phone beside you and cringed as your skull protested your swift movement. You checked the time and realized that it was 3 am, and it had been 2 hours since you had contacted the stranger. You gripped your bag tight as you waited in silence, covering your mouth to cease any gasps you would produce whenever you heard him yelling for you again. You heard him use the words bitch, whore, slut, and even more profanities as he demanded to know where you were so that he could gun you down. You buried your head into the open palms of your hands as you shook with quaking fear and tried your best to keep your whimpers silent. You were clutching onto the cellphone for dear life as you hoped that your savior would appear soon and help you. “Surprise!” The damp and suffocating stench of alcohol reached your nose too late as you screamed when a very clumsy yet forceful hand grabbed a portion of your hair and forcefully pulled you upwards. You were fighting against the hold of an intoxicated Jin, but you were still so foggy and weak from inhaling the chloroform that you weren’t much of a match against him. He slammed the back of your head against the car window, and it shattered which resulted in the car alarm to begin going off. You felt dizzy as his fingers slowly cupped your face and snapped your chin to the side so that you were staring right at him. His breaths were leaving him in hazy waves, and he was panting as a smile slowly tugged at his lips. “Unwanted little brats like you aren’t needed in this world - You’re going to die just like your mother and that freak orphan. I’ll see you in hell you bitc-” Everything happened in slow motion, one second Jin was on his feet and in front of you, and the next he was tumbling over backwards and away from you. He attempted to get up, but a black shadow passed you and kicked him back to the ground. The stranger was ruthless, just as Jin’s henchman had been to Chanyeol. The male looked back at you, and you were suddenly mesmerized by his stunning features and his baby like face. His eyes were wide, but they seemed to contain wisdom and secrets that you would never learn of. His lips were thick and chapped and his maroon colored hair was swept up with gel, and this all contrasted with his ghostly pale skin. His voice sounded as heavenly as it did on the phone, and if you weren’t in such a dire situation, you would love to hear him sing. He instructed you to close your eyes and cover your ears, and you did instantly when you realized that he had taken out a gun. Only one shot was needed, and it rung out loudly throughout the maze of random vehicles. You continued to shield yourself, even when the stranger had walked over and slowly helped you up and over to his car. He picked you up and told you that you were safe now to rest and recover from the crazy evening. When you got into his car, you felt much more safer than you had been with Jin. It was warm, soft music was playing, but the most comforting thing that you saw was a picture of a group of men, and Chanyeol was in it smiling right next to the man who had saved you now. You fell asleep and began to feel the effects of the drug wearing off slowly.

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