☆Q1) Between 4 & 14: Who would You be more apt to marrying?

Haha, this was actually a really easy to answer. Between Yugyeom & Listen, I would be more apt to marry Yugyeom. Sorry Listen, but Yugyeom is one of my top 10 biases. I still love you though.

☆Q2) Between 1 & 5: Who would you Sing/Rap with?

What the fuck???!!!

This question is sorcery.

How the fuck. Why the fuck.

Aimee did you know this would happen?

I am so.

I hate everything. I forfeit. I plead the fifth.

How can I choose between singing with Jonghyun & rapping with Bobby. I mean they are UB #1 & UB #1.5, what witchcraft is this woman.


(I can sing so me and Jonghyun would have a wonderful duet. I can't rap... so rapping with Bobby is out of the question but I could definitely sing on one of his tracks.

Why is this so hard?

Can we all just make a song together?

I'm not answering this.

Those are not tears in my eyes. It's just raining over my head.)

☆Q3) Between 6 & 13: Which one would you introduce to your Family?

If it came down to introducing Jooyoung or Vasco to my family, I would have to go with Jooyoung. My grandma and uncle would flip the fuck out if I brought Vasco home. He's definitely too old, they wouldn't be able to cope.

☆Q4) Between 2 & 8: Who would be your best friend?

Hmmm, I really don't know who would be my best friend between Zico and Woohyun.

I mean Zico is cool, but he can be so problematic and he would probably piss me off. But then again Woohyun would probably piss me off too cause he's too much and I would be so confused. Like Woohyun are you flirting with me or not? Please stop...

I guess I would have to go with who i have more in common with... so I choose Zico.

We could bond over our passion for music. And he could teach me to produce and how to write nice songs. Man with my vocals and his rapping we could make an excellent subgroup duo. Like Seven Seasons should sign me.

☆Q5) Between 3 & 15: Who Would you want to kiss More?

Omg, please don't.

Question you are nasty and I am so.

Vernon is my son. I will not kiss my son.

So I'll kiss Cheetah instead. Besides, I am totes crushing on her.

Cheetah, if you're reading this, love me please.

☆Q6) Between 7 & 12: Who Would you Rather nurse back to health.

Between CL and Yongguk, I would rather nurse Yongguk back to health.

CL seems like she would be high maintenance when sick and I don't need that shit in my life.

"Take your medicine and go the fuck to sleep. I'll bring you some soup when you wake up, but if you ring that bell one more time I will slap you. Where did you even get that bell from." - me @ CL probably

Plus I think Yongguk would be much better to deal with and he would probably want cuddles. And can you imagine how much deeper his voice gets when he is sick. I am so... please stop me from thinking about it. I can not.

☆Q7) Between 9 & 11: Who is the better Singer/Rapper?

Another one!

Aimee you are satan reincarnate.

I hate this so much.

Yoongi spits that fire that has you descending into hell in 0.5 seconds but Dean's vocals raise you to heaven in 0.3, how does one decide between the two?

What kind of shit?

(I know the answer may seem obvious based on math but like fuck that.)

Man... I plead the fifth.

☆Q8) Between 10 & 3: Who would get along with your friends more?

Haha, between Chanyeol and Vernon who would get along with my friends more... Probably, my son, Vernon. He's such a dork and we would dote on him so much.

I mean Chanyeol is amazing too, but I want to live and so do my friends. His ears would suck us into a black hole and we would be lost in space.




#OHOHOH #미안해미안해미안해 #미안해BOY

☆Q9) Between 8 & 15: Who Would you Date?

Are you really making me choose between Woohyun & Cheetah. This is rude. They are both so amazing and good looking. Like how can I choose? Ugh...

Man, I would have to go with Woohyun. He is bae, plus I don't think Cheetah digs chicks so I'll go with who would most likely reciprocate.

☆Q10) Between 1 & 7: Who would you cook for?

This Challenge must hate CL, cause the odds have not been in her favor at ALL.

I would cook for Jonghyun.


Like, there are no questions when Jonghyun is involved. I will always choose him.

☆Q11) Between 4 & 12: Who would make you laugh the most?

When it comes to humor Yugyeom would definitely make me laugh more than Yongguk. Mostly because Yongguk is older and mature, like he would probably be serious more than Yugyeom would. Plus, Yugyeom makes me laugh just by blinking so he's already in the lead for comedy.

☆Q12) Between 3 & 13: Who Has the most Contagious Smile?

This is a no brainer.

My son, Vernon, has the most contagious smile. I mean Vasco's smiles are nice. But my son's smiles always seem to make me smile as well.

It's always more enjoying to see your kids happy.

(I am so milking this Hansol is my son thing, I think I may need professional help. I hope this doesn't seem sasaeng levels of crazy.)

☆Q13) Between 5 & 10: Who would make the better father?

Man, fuck this challenge seriously.

This is the third fucking time it has given me an impossible question.

Chanyeol would make such a great father but so would Bobby.




☆Q14) Between 6 & 9: Who would you rather be stuck on an isolated Island With?

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