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Okay, now it's confirmed! Let's take a time to get to know the latest addition in Heirs: Kim Woo Bin! 30 Questions for Kim Woo Bin! 1. Name, Age, Blood Type. My real name: Kim Hyun-joong. Age: 25. Blood type: B. (So you are the cold and cool Type B?) The opinion that Type Bs are all bad men is nothing but a stereotype. I am a kind man. (laughs) 2. Height, weight. 188cm, 70kg. I am currently the ehight I was in Year 2 of high school, but before I started training, I was only 59kg. I ate 30 eggs a day for three months, and gained 12kg to my current physique. 3. Family. My parents and a younger sister. My parents live in Jeonju. 4. Where do you live now? Where did you come from? I lived in Seoul when I was young, and moved to Jeonju after middle school. This year I couldn’t go back to Jeonju for the Lunar New Year, so please buy me some rice cake soup. 5. Compare yourself to something. Dinosaur. T-Rex? People say the shape of my eyes look like a dinosaur’s. 6. When do you feel that you look handsome? When I have had my hair done and my make-up done at the salon, and put on close that a stylist laid out for me. I actually like dressing up myself, but recently has taken to wearing casual clothes during off days, so I feel good when I wear something that was picked out especially. 7. If you win 10 billion won in the lottery, how would you spend it? I want to buy a house. Before, I used to feel that houses by Han River are the best, but now I feel that Samcheong-dong is more serene. I already have my eyes on a particular house. (laughs) Though the owner may not want to sell it, but I want to buy it. 8. If you were getting plastic surgery, which parts do you want to change? A lot. But if I reveal which parts, people will keep staring at that part, so I won’t say it here. 9. What are you most concerned about these days? My next piece of work! After “School 2013”, I read a lot of scripts. I hope to go straight into my next piece of work without rest, to show the audience a better self. 10. When was your first love? First love? No comment. I think the definition for ‘first love’ is different for everyone. I don’t know. (laughs) 11. Where do you want to go on a date with someone you love? I want to hold her hand and walk on the streets of Myeongdong. 12. What are your hobbies? Watching movies, exercising. When I exercise with my model friends, we would be competitive with each other; it’s more fun that way. 13. Three things you would bring to a deserted island. My phone and iPad to make sure I’m not bored. And a lighter to start a fire 14. What is your most treasured possession? My family, of course. 15. How would people around you comment on your personality? I’m am relatively mischevious. My friends call me “the devil”, because I love to organize events and force my friends to join them. I have a regular event with my closest friends, where we are required to gather at least once every two months and we drink and chat all thoughout the night. That way we can release all the words we kept suppressed and relieve the stress. 16. How would people around comment on your looks? They say I look strange. My parents say that I was born in a good era, and I agree. If I debuted 10 years ago, then it would be very different. People like looks with more character these days, so I am lucky in that way. 17. What makes you feel stressed lately? The fact that I am losing wright. When I was young, I used to be 188cm and 59kg, which is why I am scared of becoming thin; I don’t like how clothes would look on me if I’m too thin. 18. Favourite food and least favourite? My favourite is deokbokki (stir-fried rice cakes) and jajjangmyeon (black bean paste noodles) and pizza? I love all food. I don’r have things I hate, but my taste is relatively like a primary school student. 19. What do you want your girlfriend to be like? I want to able to learn a lot from her. As for looks, it’s fine as long as she is beautiful in my eyes. (Do you have an ideal type?) No, I haven’t been able to summarize any common points in looks between the girls I’ve gone out with before. 20. You are in a triangle relationship with your friend. What do you do? First, I will try to communicate with my friend and also try to confirm what the girl wants. If I really love the girl and she really loves me, then I would ask that friend to give his blessing to us. 21. How much can you drink? Drinking habits? I can probably drink between 1.5 - 2 bottles of soju. When I drink, I get talkative and serious. (Don’t you go to clubs?) I used to go ocassionally when I was a model, but not anymore lately, I seem to have lost my taste for clubs. 22. What do you want right now. My own house. (Where do you live now?) I live with a hyung I became close with back when I was modelling. Since we have very different living schedules, there’s little inconvenience. When we see each other, we would chat or have a drink or two, it’s nice. 23. What if your lover left you without any reason? I would definitely go find her and ask for a reason. 24. What if you only had 70won left on a public payphone, who would you call? My mom. (Are you a filial child?) I try to be. Since I always act as rebellious students, a lot of people think I must be that kind of silent, cool type. I must get more gentle roles in the future. (laughs) 25.How do you control your anger? When I encounter something that angers me at work, I would hold it in until the bitter end and shout out all my frustrations at home. But I actually very seldom get angry these days. In the past, I would spark up like a fire whenever I get mad, but now I am less aggressive, smoothing out my rough edges. 26. Between love at first sight and affection bred from familiarity, which do you prefer? Someone I fall in love with at first sight, then grows in affection for as we become familiar. 27. Earth is going to explode in an hour, what do you do? Spend all the money in my bank account. Boldly buy all the clothes I was hesitating about. (Do you have a favourite brand?) Of course, international brands are good, but I also like the work of Korean designers, especially the designer for whom I did my model debut, Kim Seoryong, he is a widely-acclaimed designer. 28. If you had a time machine, where and when would you like to go to? September 3rd of Year 2 in high school. (What about that day?) I am not sure, I just suddenly felt that the weather that day was probably really beautiful. I choose Year 2 because that was when I was most free, and didn’t feel any stress. 29. Imagine yourself in 10 years. I hope that I can have experienced more in 10 years. No matter in acting or in life, I want to have more experiences and become a deeper and more stable person, and become happier. (How about now? Are you happy?) Yes, I am very happy now. 30. What is your profile photo and nickname on Kakaotalk? (T/N: a Korean chat software) There is no photo and no nickname. (Why?) Complete strangers would come up to me and ask ‘Are you Kim Woo Bin?’. I used my past telephone number for a very long time, so somehow people managed to get my phone number without me knowing. Right now, this still happens from time to time — if I put my photo then I cannot deny that it is really my own photo, so I just didn’t upload a profile photo at all in the end. credit: Source: Sports Seoul Translator: hitoritabi

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