What Matters? Waist or Weight?

Sometimes when we think about our health, we tend to just consider our weight (or BMI). However, according to several floating sources we should pay attention to our hip-to-waist ratio. According to the BMI calculator, I am considered overweight. In order for me to be at the high end of a 'healthy' weight, I should be around 150 pounds -- which is the lowest weight I had ever been during my powerlifting days.

Here's a photo of me being around 152lbs during weigh ins:

(I was sort of upset I didn't get into the 148lb weight class, but it was incredibly difficult for me to get down to that weight)

I am on the far left. Some people may argue that I do not look 152 pounds, but I was.

Because of my body structure, I can look a bit sickly if I go under 145lbs. I don't really store much fat at my midsection. A lot of it gets stored at the lower half of my body.

I may be considered overweight according to BMI calculators. However, my waist-to-hip ratio considers myself to be very healthy.


My HIP measurement: 43 inches

My WAIST measurement: 27 inches

If I recall correctly, when I was around my competing weight, my waist was around 23 inches and my hips were about 40 inches.

Both calculators can be quite misleading when it comes to deciding your true health status. There are a lot of information it does not consider such as lifestyle, muscle, physical activity, diet. Take those sort of calculators with a grain of salt!


Be active and eat well!

THIS calculator.

What's your hip-to-waist ratio?

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