Let's Play! Would You Rather...

Round 1:

Would You Rather:

1. Throw up on Jimin or fart in front of Jeongkook

2. Make Yoongi cry or break Namjoon's heart

3. Taste Jin's cooking or have Jeongkook sing you to sleep

4. Have Taehyung send you derps or FaceTime Hoseok

5. Get Jimin's number or Namjoon's number

6. Cuddle with Taehyung or go to the beach with Jin

7. Get kisses from Jimin or get kisses from Yoongi

8. Hold Hoseok's hand or smack Jeongkook

9. Buy Taehyung a gift or cook for Jin and have him judge it

10. Spend a night with Yoongi in Daegu or spend a night with Jimin in Busan

Eat, sleep, fangirl, repeat.
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