Cupid Cupcake Cheat

I promise! I am NOT hating on the crafty, bakers out there that REALLY know how to pull off the spectacular when it comes to making Valentine's Day even more special with homemade goodness, such as these mini cupcakes, adorned with piped buttercream and delicate heart confetti sprinkles. And those chic heart Cupid's bow?!...YESS!!!

However, if you're in the kind of mood I'm in today, and can't be bothered in the least with Martha Stewart perfection, here is a genius cheat that you can do without hardly thinking.

Go to your local grocery store. For us here in SoCal, it's mostly Ralphs. There's Von's too, and Trader Joe's.

Next size up the baked goods area. Typically, this time of year, there is a smorgasbord of treats RIGHT WHEN YOU ENTER THE STORE and then more in the bakery.

Find mini cupcakes that are obviously Valentine's Day themed and take it to the check-out.

Buy it, take it home, plate it, serve it.


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