Prince Charming Tweets About Cinderella's Missing Shoe


Well, it looks like Cinderella was in the gym.

It's quite obvious that Cinderella has a way of losing her shoes. First her glass slipper and now her Nike trainers. Thanks to a man disguised as 'prince charming', he sent out an SOS via social media in hopes of finding the girl whose shoe he had recovered from their shared cab ride. Is it just me or do these fairytale-esque stories only happen in the UK? Maybe it's just me, but you would never hear about this happening in NYC. According to Daily Mail, prince charming is in his early thirties and his name is Jay Breen. Himself and the missing princess shared a cab. He mentioned she looked lost, as if that doesn't sound rather familiar [hint: when the clock struck 12 and Cinderella was late].

Small talk was divided between the two and well prince charming might of found his match until she made a dash and left her show behind. "She's really gorgeous, and she pretty much filled the cab with energy that I've not experienced in a long time," Breen told the Daily Mail. "I'd really like to find her.", says Breen. He posted a tweet [seen below] in hopes of finding the missing woman so he could return her shoe. It's almost been two weeks since he sent out the tweet and much to his dismay he has yet to locate her. Let's just hope she doesn't have an evil step mother and two evil step sisters getting in her way. Where is fairy godmother when you need her?

Modern day prince charming or what?

What do you guys think? Would you have returned the shoe?


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