Broncos' defense is 'in the argument' as best ever

With the season over, many coaches, journalists and fans are reflecting on an amazing NFL season.

Against the odds of many, the Denver Broncos pulled out an amazing victory in Superbowl 50. While many knew Denver was limited in regards to their offensive output, no team in the playoffs could do anything offensively against Denver.

Was the Broncos defense the best of all-time?

The Broncos held the Panthers -- who were the league’s highest-scoring offense in the regular season averaging 31 points -- to 10 points.

The Broncos won five regular-season games against teams that made the playoffs, scored five times on defense, held Aaron Rodgers to 77 yards passing and beat New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady twice.

They led the league in total defense, yards allowed per play, pass defense and sacks, and were third against the run and fourth in scoring defense. This is all while playing one of the more rigorous schedules this season.



Is the Broncos defense the best in NFL history?

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