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Wally Wood began his career in 1950 for EC. He is known for his satirical work in MAD magazine. His art ranged from cartoony to realistic. At the time, he lampooned the legal fight between DC and Fawcett comics over Captain Marvel stealing aspects of Superman. He was influential in EC's decision, "which originally stood for Educational Comics, and became Entertaining Comics," to get into making sci fi comics. His art can be seen in Tales from the Crypt, Shock SuspenStories, Two Fisted Tales and Weird Science.

After EC, one of his jobs was for Marvel on Daredevil. He didn't create the character, but he created everything about him that people care about to this day. Like his red costume. He thought the black and yellow was a bit too sissy for the character. He also gave Daredevil his billy clubs, and expanded on what his powers could do. He literally saved the book from cancellation. It went from a bi-monthly, to a monthly. He only stayed on for a year though. He left after he saw the crap that Marvel pulled with it's talent and not giving them proper credit. When the Netflix Daredevil series came out, a number of artists came out in support of also giving credit to Wally Wood. He wasn't a co creator, but it is his look for the character that has pretty much remained the same since his time on the book.

And for the stuff I can't post. That's what Google is for. Canon and Sally Forth. Canon was your man's man secret agent. There was plenty of sex and nudity. Canon often found himself naked, and being tortured by a gorgeous woman. There was also Sally Forth, not the comic strip created by Greg Howard. Wood was hired by the US government to make some comics for the troops. Some lighthearted guy fun to take their minds off of reality. So these two titles were only available to US servicemen at the time. He also did erotic adaptations of fairy tales as well. Snow White and Alice in Wonderland are two that he sexed up.

Apparently he didn't have an easy life. He was married three times, divorced two. He suffered from chronic headaches for most of his adult life. Following bouts of alcoholism, he eventually suffered from kidney failure. In 1978 he had a stroke which caused the loss of vision in one eye. Facing declining health and career prospects, he committed suicide by gunshot three years later. According to one biography, Wood said that if he had to do it all over again, he would cut off his hands. A sad end to a great artist. It could be a story in an EC title. Which is something that he would probably be down with.


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