3 Things That Happen When You Call A Girl A Slut

The domino effect such a small word can ignite.

Lets talk abut the 3 things that happen when you call a girl a slut.


You take away the girls right to own her sexuality

Women have the right to their own bodies and they can sleep with whoever the fuck they want.


You force others opinions of her

to stop someone from getting ahead in life.


You perpetuate slut shamming and violence

rape and sexual assaults

So please, do us all a favor and get out of the middle ages. Those were fucking awful times where no one even attempted to bathe themselves, so why would you ever continue to believe they were correct about a women's sexuality if they couldn't even figure out decent hygiene?

End slut shamming, because who you sleep with is nobodies fucking business.

Anxious 22 year old just trying to sound calm cool and collected. "Buy reflections on iTunes"
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