Songs You Need When You're Spending Valentine's Day Alone

Little Gold

Notable Lyrics:

I don't miss you like I used to. Sometimes I think I'm moving on. But then I see you or someone who looks just like you. I'm right back to where I started from. It's just one lie in a bird's eye and I hate your new tattoo. It just ain't so bad, all my friends are for shit. There's nothing that they can do when I follow you.

Valentine by The Get Up Kids

Notable Lyrics:

Your good intentions count for little anymore, if you're sorry why wage war? I'm not fully convinced that there's something wrong with this. Could another point of view, biased and untrue, tear me away from you? Will you be my valentine if i'm a world away? Apologies are breaking me. The constants aren't so constant anymore. For two days I wait for calls to come through. Tonight for me translates to yesterday to you. You bend and you wave when you're barely away. I wish I could say tonight that when you bend and wave goodbye you'd take me with you.

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