If you need help with Korean studies

I am using this app called "Eggbun", and so far it is absolutely adorable.

@ninjamidori has informed me: "that the app is only for android users currently(but they're working on getting it on the App Store)~" Thank you for that bit of info!

This is what the homescreen looks like when you open it.

When you click on the first block, the first set of lessons comes up.

Clicking on the first lesson, it is almost as if you are texting, but you aren't.

라니 (Lanny) introduces himself (herself...?) and tells you about 한글 (Hangeul).

After showing the first consonant of the lesson (ㄱ) and playing the sound of the consonant (if you allow it to), 라니 gives you a chance to locate the character on a keyboard. The programs works this way all through the first block of lessons (maybe all the way through, but I am not sure as I have just now had the time to start really using the app).

When you make it all the way down to "Words You Can Make", 라니 will start to teach you a few words that you can make with the vowels and consonants he previously taught you.

For me, this has been the most effective learning app I've found so far. I had a hard time learning 한글 and could not memorize it for the life of me. I also had no idea how to type on a Korean keyboard, so that's a bonus. Plus, it tells you how to pronounce it and plays an audio recording, which is very helpful to me.

These are some of the pictures the app has in the app store that show more of what the app has to offer!

In the picture is a very small portion of the notes I've been taking(I apologize for the poor lighting of my room, my boyish handwriting, and the mess up of the highlighter), just to give an idea (if you want to take notes) of how I'm doing it. Now, I am very far from even knowing the basic of the Korean language, but it's a start right?

Thank you so much!


I wont put my tag list this time because I am not sure if this style of card will be appreciated, but let me know how you guys feel about any of this! Thanks for all the support! Love you guys!

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