2 truths 1 lie results


so out of the 9 people who guessed only 1 got it right.

the first truth is that I have 3 cats and 1 dog Maui, Tigbit, Dakota, and Haley


the second truth that almost everyone guessed as a lie was that I lived in Japan. It's true. I lived there for three years. I lived in Okinawa, Japan (the tiny island that is highlighted red in the first picture). I lived on the military base Camp McTureous. I was a volunteer for the Okinawan American Animal Rescue (OAAR) where I helped rehabilitate animal shelters and also foster animals. It was alot of fun and I wish I could go back. I also stayed in Tokyo for a little while.

So that means the lie was that my OTP is NamJin. What?! I know! but my OTP is SugaKookie :)


so@Sailynn you were the only correct one which means you get to choose if you want a drawing of your favorite ship or a spam of your bias.


everybody else good try maybe you'll get it the next time... (i might do more of these Challenge type things to have a "contest" so look forward to more) @kpopandkimchi@B1A4BTS5ever@jessicalnichols@VKookie47@PandaSoapy@Myaisnotsexy@KellyoConnor@Ticasensei@thePinkPrincess@JinsPrincess86@ArmyOfKookie@ARMYStarlight@Dabaesaplayer@jespinosa1546@ArielaPicazo@4dalientae@MadAndrea@SugaOnTop@Ercurrent@BulletproofV@TaehyungKey@Ligaya@CreeTheOtaku@Emealia@Exoexo@Jiyongixoxo@Rhia@StephyBAP@Clovershadows@KpopGaby@DenieceSuit@MichelleIbarra@AimeeH@VixenViVi@JohnEvans@MorganElisabeth@BBxGD@GDsGF@PrettieeEmm@solodaywithB1A4@krin@VeronicaArtino@PassTheSuga@StephanieDuong@herreravanessa9@saraortiz2002@katiems@SaraHanna@amobigbang@KpopandKdrama@ninjamidori@BangsterLife@PrincessUnicorn@VatcheeAfandi99@BelencitaGarcia

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