By My Side

by Mistress Siren I thought there was no second chance I thought I had had my last dance... You caught my eye by surprise And suddenly, I started to begin to rise Your black, disheveled hair among them So I followed, my hand holding the hem Seeing your dark eyes gleam in light I didn't know who you even were that night You hadn't seen or noticed me But it was okay, because of future maybe... Now I see I was right, and you're mine, Just as I am yours, this is a sign That I can fall for you and still remain Not shattered or collapse in vain To kiss your lips would be a heaven I would soar above, like a bird, a raven Holding your hand makes me quiver But your warmth takes away the shiver I love you, my perfection, my simple need Is you at my side, and I can take lead

So I hope you all enjoyed this little poem. Less dreary than usual, hopefully a bit more interesting and to your all's liking since it is close to Valentine's Day. I honestly am not a big fan of this holiday... and I don't even know why, it's just not my cup of tea. But I hope you all have a great Valentine's Day with lots of whatever stuff you guys like! Remember if you want to be tagged let me know! Thanks for reading! Tagged People:@AnimeFan4Evr

I'm 17, I love K-Pop, Anime, Poetry, Stories, Art, and Music!
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