How to manage a long distance relationship scientifically

Are you in a long distance relationship? If you are, there’s nothing to worry about, in fact, scientific researches have shown that long-distance couples are equally satisfied, if not more, as geographically close couples. Furthermore, long-distance couples have more deeper sense of emotional intimacy as they are more likely to share meaningful thoughts and feelings. A PhD student in clinical psychology (Queen’s University) named Emma Dargie, having studied many long-distance couples, has said that communication is the most effective tool in maintaining a long distance relationship. Communication about the needs of the partner and how well they are being met is of utmost importance. Also, having clarity about when and how the couple will meet next is essential. In her study, along with other researchers at Queen’s University where she studied 474 females and 243 males in long-distance relationships as well as 314 females and 111 males who lived near their partner on the basis of a questionnaire consisting of topics like intimacy, commitment, communication, and sexual satisfaction (or lack thereof), she found that there was no difference in the couples with regards to the quality of their relationships. She suggests that distance is not the hard part, it’s about the discrepancy between expectations and current reality of the couple. Also, she found that as the geographic distance grew, couples reported higher level of intimacy and communication. A research published in Journal of communication suggests that technology like video chatting, instant messaging etc may help couples in making a long-distance relationship work. Dargie further recommends that it’s important to understand that your partner has a life outside the relationship and it’s necessary for you too spend time in fun activities with friends and family. Filling in time like this is highly recommended. Have a happy long-distance relationship. Summarised up to 64% from – Science explains how to make a long-distance relationship actually work

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