I Want The Headline...PT39

Genre: Angst (Mature Content Warning) MAFIA!YOONGI+BTS

Members: Yoongi/ Suga; Reader (You); Jimin; Jungkook; Jin; JHope; Rap Monster; Taehyung

Part: 39/? Character Profiles | Video

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Summary:He had a goal and you were just one more person to crush to get to it.

Taehyung watched you rush from your spot beside him to Jimin, your hand immediately enveloping his wrists to pull them away from the smashed mirror. The pill was snug in his grip, but he hadn’t anticipated that Jimin would be up and about when they came in. How was he supposed to get you to take it with Jimin fully awake and moving around? His eyes drifted to the morphine drip in the corner, empty bag shriveled up. It looked like it had run out a while ago. How was Jimin moving around like he wasn’t beaten to a pulp just days before?

Something was off.

Taehyung stepped into the room, sidestepping the broken lamp pieces glinting in the moonlight drifting in from the windows to hook his arms under yours and jerk you up. You had still been struggling to get Jimin to stop and he had seemed to effortlessly ignore you and continue.

At least until you said his name.

Then his eyes were on you.

It seemed that the moment you were pulled from Jimin, you were struggling against Taehyung. “No!” you hissed, “Something’s wrong with him! Stop it!” He quietly dragged you back, a bit surprised when you furiously turned back to look at him, “I said get off me! You’re lucky I wanted to be away from Jeon or else I wouldn’t have followed you anywhere!” For the moment, he neglected to mention that you would not have had a choice either way. It was a good thing you were eager to be away from Jungkook since stubborn anger had flared up in him as soon a Namjoon mentioned you being away from him. Unfortunately for you, Jungkook’s rage had flipped to you when you defiantly piped up that you’d go with Taehyung just to be away from Jungkook.

Jimin’s ear’s perked at your words, palms flattening on the floor while he drew one knee up to his chest. Under his breath, he repeated the name ‘Jeon’. Taehyung furrowed his brows at the runner’s take off position and distractedly slapped his hand over your mouth. Everything you were saying was sinking into Jimin’s head and he was acting weird. What was he doing? Whatever you were saying was getting his attention and by the look in his eyes, Jimin’s full attention was the last thing they needed.

You gagged at the feeling of whatever Taehyung was holding being pressed into your mouth. It felt like a pill, but why would he be walking around with that in his hand? Was it a drug? You stiffened; had he gotten you away from Jungkook so he could drug you? He only held his hand tighter as Jimin’s eyes focused.

Jimin tilted his head, intent stare settled on you. Hand pulling down on Tae’s you mumbled around his fingers, “Jimin.” He blinked slowly, licking his lips.


At the feeling of the muscles of Taehyung’s forearm constricting as he tightened his grip, you struggled to keep his hand from you mouth. Saliva built up in your mouth and combined with his firm grip, it was getting difficult to talk. Whatever had been in his hand evaded your tongue as you tried to dispel it from your mouth. Taehyung switch his grip, hand clamping down. You reluctantly swallowed your spit, whatever he was holding along with it, and bit his hand. He flinched, jerking away from you and you moved towards Jimin. “Wh-What happened to you?”

He cautiously eyed your feet as you stepped closer to him. “There’s someone here..I think.” He mumbled sedately, pointing across the room. “The lamp..the lamp didn’t help..”

“Help you what?” You asked, timidly reaching out to feel his forehead. Behind you Tae started to walk away, feeling along the wall for the light switch. Jimin was looking for something and perhaps the faster they found it, the sooner he’d cut that creepy shit out. “Help you find them?” You tried. Jimin lightly scratched his chest,

“There was this itch.” His brows drew down, “It’s still there..it’s here.” He pointed at his heart, finger pressing down until it was turning white. “It’s inside…I can’t scratch it.”

The overhead lights flickered on, the bluish tint contrasting with the feverish glow along Jimin’s cheeks. Taehyung scanned the destroyed room, eyes lingering on the discarded needle by the nightstand. The only person with frequent access to Jimin’s room was Namjoon and him.

And he only came here to switch out IVs and change bandages.

“Jimin-” Taehyung’s voice was cut off by the sound of gunfire from the other end of the warehouse. He froze momentarily, eyes darting between you two. Someone was obviously attacking and he needed to be there. He couldn’t exactly take you and Jimin with him. Jimin was out of his mind from whatever was in that needle and you had taken the pill; he didn’t know how long it took for it to start.

Both you and Jimin watched Taehyung fumble with something in his jacket before pulling it out and tossing it onto the bed, “Stay here.” He ordered, starting towards the door. “Don’t go outside and ask who’s there before you use that.” Rushing from the room and slamming the door almost all the noise from the gunfire was muffled out.

So much so that the click of the deadbolt was deafening.

He had locked you two in here. You turned back to Jimin only to see that he wasn’t beside you anymore. To your right something clicked into place. Hunched by the bed, Jimin stared at the gun in his hands.

So that’s what Taehyung had left behind.

Jimin slowly looked up at you, a curt laugh passing through his lips as he asked,

“Why don’t you want to be with Jeon, baby?”



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