saddest anine every😢

I gotta Say when I first watch shineraki, I didn't really think it was good anime the plot was weird first... like these four children and only one is telling the story. Mean someone gotta tell, the story. but anyway back to the point, the ships didn't make sense either one minute two characters were together and after couple of days they broke up. and two friends run later in episode. and what this whole rat human things.

hey this ree-niinyan and and this is my biography bout me I'm 16 years old turned to 17 in couple months . I'm indeed a female and my sexuality is bi and that who I'm you can't judge me. love is love and that all that matter to me. huge yoai fan ships mikayuu, cielois, cielsebby - I'm out going person, I'm sweet , and nice. don't be afraid to hit me up on my instagram reeniinyan_and_ her_ anime_2016 and facebook jada diemand my real name and account. and don't be afraid to hit me up on kik to
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