Excited for EXO oppas


since it's past 12 pm for me. 2 more days!!!! lol just to show you guys how i feel. I seen this on tumblr and just had to steal it. I think this shows everyone's feelings especially the ones that need to conceal it lol..... Elsa meme anyone? lol I'm so happy Kai can make it for the LA show I'm sure Dallas still had fun. My mom, and my friends and I are secretly hoping Lay oppa will show up in real life lol cuz it can happen.....

IT CAN!!!!

My sister said he should show up at the end and be like "HI....BYE!!!!" she said she would do that... oooo Harry Shum jr....... o.o.... ahem sorry Anyway if I'm still not hypnotized or not dead after the concert I'll make card from the experience hopefully either openly taking pictures or quickly once in a while let me know if you guys want be tagged in that and I will be doing snapchat videos as well if I can so if you guys want to see the snaps message me your snap chat code or leave your snapchat down below vvvvvvvvvv BTW the videos and pics may be a bit far away because I didn't have enough money to get the good seats so bare with me here

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