Feeling Sick? Just Douse Yourself In Lavender

Essential Oils are pretty rad. I've been using them on and off for about four years, and recently I got back on the wagon.

I get sick pretty often. I'm just kind of a sickly person. I've beat up my body by working ridiculously long hours, and spending too much time partying. I get that. I'm young, whatever. But when I discovered the benefits of Lavender essential oil, I quickly fell in love with it.

Lavender is one of those scents you smell as a kid and forget about as an adult, but when it hits your nostrils you identify it immediately. Its a calming scent, something you'd liken to your mother as she consoles you after you've scraped your knee.

All nostalgia aside, I wouldn't have gotten through yesterday's sickness without Lavender.

As an essential oil, its documented benefits are many:

--Help with sleep

--Headache relief

--Nausea relief

--Burn relief

--Sunburn relief

and more.

But my favorite use, is to alleviate that sick feeling. You know, when your whole body decides to revolt against your day?

Anyway, when I get that feeling, like if I move, my limbs might fall off, I take out my lavender essential oil (I prefer DoTerra oils, because they're the best), and put it all over.

Seriously, I put it behind my ears, under my chin, on my chest and stomach. And if it doesn't put me to sleep first, I instantly start to feel better.

While essential oils aren't really a cure for anything, they definitely have documented benefits and reasons that they work. And lavender is by far my favorite one!

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