The Dragon who protects the Princess Part 4

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You look over at GD who was putting on black T-Shirt, He looks at you with seductive eyes as he bites his lip, Making you smile really hard to the point where your jaw hurts. He walks towards and forces your arms up as he slides the clothing down your torso, Touching your sides. You stick your head out of the head hole as your hair stood up, as if a balloon had touched your head. Jiyong looks at you with a shy smile as he laughs into his hand, As always,

"Your hair is frizzy....It's cute.."

You blush as you hide your face with a pillow, "No it's not! Stop Oppa!!" You squeled.

He pulls the pillow away from you and lightly hits you with it. You laugh as you grab another pillow and hit him back. He jumps onto the bed as he yells,


He hits you on your back as you hit him on the knee. You jump up and start to hit him as he hits you. You both laugh really loud to the point it sounds like an K-pop concert.

He picks you up by grabbing your legs and has your body hanging on his shoulder. He puts his hand on the back of his head as he lays you down slowly but seductively.

You look up at him as he bites his lip and grabs your legs, wraps your legs around his waist as he doesn't keep an eye off of you. You look up at him with blank eyes as your hands rested on his pecks, Which felt strong and soft.

"Oppa.....What are you doing?" You ask him with your face full of worry.

He looks at you with a seducing look on his face, Which made you feel butterflies but uncomfortable. He rubs his hand against your face as his other hand rubs your left thigh.

"Just Relax Baby, Just have fun..." he whispers in your ear as he starts to kiss you passionately. He grabbed your face as you wrap your arms around his neck, Bringing him in closer to your body. You felt his excitement touching against your pelvis as you let out a little moan. He immediately pushes himself up and is shocked as he looks down at you.

"What was that?" He asked you with wide eyes.

You look up at him with a smile, "What? Never heard of a moan before?"

"I have...But not from a girl as young as you...Are you excited?"

You let go of him as he gets up and sits next to you with his arm around you as you say,

"Yeah...Are you Oppa?" You ask him as you pull on his shirt, Bringing his face closer to your face.

"Yeah I am excited, Very excited but I don't know if your a...." He whispered, " A Virgin.."

You look at him with seductive eyes as you say, "Maybe I am...Maybe not...Let's play and see.." You hinted at him...

He looks at you with smirking eyes, "I would love to play.....But it's wrong...Your a fan of me...I'm the leader of a K-pop group and Yeah some groups can be dirty or sexual but I try not too...Especially to fans..."

You stood up in front of him as you slap his face hard, Leaving a hand print on the right side of his face as you walk out of the bedroom. You hear running coming towards behind you, His hand grabbed yours as he spins you in his direction as he asks you,

"What was that for?"

You look up at him with an disgusted look, "You said that you shouldn't do sexual things especially to fans but you just made out with me in my bed, My legs were touching you, I felt your excitement touching me, Which made me uncomfortable...But I'm comfortable with you! But I guess having fun with an non famous person makes you uncomfortable."

He sees you covering his face with your hands as you start to tear up, sob, cry, Basically depressed in your soul. He bends his legs down to your height as he removes your hands,

"Hey...That's not what I met...I'd love too have fun, with you, and too be with you. But manager hyung says I can't date nobody, Especially fans because they'll take me for granted."

You look at him with widened eyes, "Oppa, I'm so sorry... I should've not been so stupid."

He strokes your cheek with his thumb as he looks into your eyes while licking his lips.

"Your not stupid, Your smart, Like really smart..."

You look at him as he continues, "Your smart, Your beautiful, Your perfect in my eyes."

He smears his thumb across your bottom lip seductively as he whispers into your ears,

"Look, I really like you, But....There would be like a lot of controversery and...I wouldn't want our relationship to be broken apart by other fans, My YG family or Neitzens."

You look at him, " You...You like me?"

"I do...Very much...Do you like me?" He asked you with a serious look.

You blush and giggle as you say, "Yes, Yes I do.."

He smiles in relief as he hugs you tightly... He whispers in your ear,

" Ahhh, I thought you would say no.... I really like you...."

You blush as he peck kisses your neck, His hand grips onto your right hip as his other hand strokes the side of your head.

He pulls you back and looks down right at you with a wide smile on his face, His eyes sparkle....Your pretty sure your eyes sparkled too...

He leans in for a kiss as his eyes slowly shut.... When his lips touched yours,

It sounded like XOXO by EXO started playing in the background. His hands grab touch the sides of your face as your hands tighten onto the sides of his waist...

He pulls away and moves a strand of hair behind your left ear as he kisses your forehead. He lets go of you as he checks the calendar. His eyes widened as he looks at it.

He runs over to the bed and jumps, face down onto the bed as he groans very loudly. You walk over to him, sit next to him as you rub his back. You look at the back of his neck as you asked him,

"What's wrong Oppa?"

He looks up at you with no expression on his face as he says,

"My BigBang concert tour is coming up in a few days and our first concert is in Seoul in about 2 days."

You look at him with a serious look as you say,

"Well...If you want... I can give you a disguise and I can try to get you a hotel or you can go to YG and stay there..."

He sits up next to you as he holds your hand and looks at you in the straight in the eye.

"Look... I don't want to go to YG because... I don't want to leave your side..."

You look up at him as you smile and he kisses your cheek as his thumb slides across your hand.

"You know... I could always give you free VIP tickets, Front row seats and a backstage pass", He offers.

"That's very nice of you Oppa but... You don't have to do that for me..." You told him shyly.

His hand touches your face as his thumb rubs your cheek,

"No No, I asist... I want you to be there..." He tells you seductively.

He gets up as he picks up bridal style, Walks out of the bedroom, Sets you down as he holds your hand and opens the door...

He pulls you out of the house as he puts on his sunglasses to hide his identity. You both started to walk around as he holds onto your hand tightly, You felt his hand started to sweat and shake. You look at him as you jokingly tell him,

"Oppa, Your hand is sweating and shaking. Are you nervous?"

He looks down at the floor as he smiles widely,

"Be quiet.... Your making me more nervous by asking me if I'm nervous."

You kiss his cheek as he blushes and covers his face with his hand.

As you guys were walking, You see a crowd of fangirls near the YG Entertainment company. Jiyong looks at you with serious eyes,

"What should we do Oppa?" You ask him. But he doesn't respond. He looks at you before he runs towards the back of the building. He opens a back door and as the door opens you can hear someone yelling,

"JIYONG OPPA!!!!!!!"

You immediately shut and lock the door behind you as you turn around to see Jiyong smiling at you. He grabs your hand and walks you into what looks like the recording studio. He brings you into the recording booth and puts headphones onto your ears.

"What are you doing?" You ask him as you giggle. He just smiles as he laughs as he walks out of the booth and shut the door behind him. He turns on the mic as he asks you,

"Do you know "Stay With Me" by Taeyang?"

You nod a yes as you lick your lips. "Want to sing his part? I'll jst rap my lyrics."

He turns on the song as he runs in the booth next to you. His fingers laced into your hand as he looks at you, "Just sing when I kiss your cheek, Alright?"

"Alright" He immediately kisses your cheek and you started singing the lyrics,

"Geudaedo nawa gateun seulpeun pyojeonguel hago isseotjanha Won't you stay with me?"

He looks at you with amazement in his eyes as he starts rapping his lyrics.

"A-yo what's up baby girl, Oneulttara deo beautiful..."

You looked at him and thought to yourself, 'He has a beautiful voice, I wish Taeyang was here, He has a nice voice, I love this song! Ahh I just love Jiyong..'

You see him look at you as Taeyang's part is coming up, You immediately face towards the mic as you start to sing again.

"Geudaedo nawa gateun seulpeun pyojeongeul hago isseotjanha Won't you stay with me? Ibeun anira haedo nuneun nal wonhandago malhaetjanha Won't you stay with me? naegero wa"

He loved the way you sang the lyrics beautifully, He loved the way your voice flows, You both harmonized together as your voices sounded nice. GD stops rapping and removes your head phones as he tells you,

"You have an amazing voice. Don't tell him but... You sounded better than Taeyang."

You laugh as you blush hardly, " I do not, Taeyang's voice is perfect."

GD stares at you with a grin, " Yeah, His voice may be nice. But not as perfect as mine."

As you giggle, You both stare into each other eyes as both of your hands are wrapped around his hands. He smiles as he looks at your lips, He leans in for a kiss until...


Jiyong OppaWill You Marry Me?I love you!!!

You see him look directly at you with worry. He puts out his hand, You take his hand and he immediately pulls you to the closet in the back of the building as he hugs you tightly, "Oppa...What are you doing?" You ask him awkwardly.

He pulls you back as he whispers, "Just stay here, I'll be back for you." He kisses you and leaves. You just stand there thinking to yourself, 'What is he gonna do? What am I gonna do?'

Meanwhile, Jiyong walked out of the closet to see fangirls screaming. He grabs his phone and checks the internet, Most of the time, The fans only appear if someone had lied about a head line. His eyes pop out as he reads,

"BigBang's leader G-Dragon having an affair?"

He walks towards the closet and sees you looking at him, You ask him,

"What's wrong Oppa?"

" I don't think we should see each other anymore..." He tells you depressingly.

Your eyes start to water as your voice shakes, "Why?"

He wraps his hand around your waist, "Check the internet,"

You grab your phone to read the same exact head line. You look at him with shock. He hugs you tightly as he whispers, "I don't want to leave you... I would miss you deeply."

UGHH OPPA!!!!! Plus is it just me? or does Jimin and GD look like they could secretly be twins?

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