How'd Your Life Change After Pets?

According to the ASPCA, 3 out of 5 Americans own or have owned a cat or dog, so I'm sure that there's plenty of you out there who have one right now! But how many of you remember a time when you'd never owned a pet at all? Chances are, while you wouldn't trade Fluffy or Spot for the world, there's definitely a few things you took for granted!

Taiwanese artist John Huang adorably illustrates just a few of these examples in a series that compares life before and life after adopting his golden retriever Maimai. Which ones do YOU relate to the most?

Remember when your car interior wasn't covered in dog hair?

How about those stuffed animals you'd put on low-lying shelves, never worrying about when they'd become a living room floor massacre?

Think it's safe to say you're not just buying food for yourself anymore.

And after you own a pet, you certainly start appreciating other's pets too.

Your phone used to be nothing but food porn, but now it's full of pictures of your favorite fuzzy one. (Okay, and maybe still food porn.)

Ah, yes. When you could come home from work WITHOUT the whole house being torn apart.

And you didn't have to go through a new charger a week - because WHO CHEWS WIRES?!

And remember when you could hang out without stressing over who's going to walk the dog?

What else do you remember about life before pets?

"Life is demanding without understanding."
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