Doritos Roses Exists - And You Can Make Them!

Are red roses outdated? Bacon roses a bit overplayed? Why not step your game up and woo your boo with a bouquet of long-stemmed Doritos this year?

Doritos' Canada headquarters just finished giving away hundreds of ketchup-flavored Doritos rose bouquets to snack food fiends all over the country, but since a) most of us aren't Canadian, and b) those things went out like hotcakes, they were nice enough to release a special instruction set so you can make them at home!

Basically, all you really need are the stems of a dozen plastic roses, some hot glue, and a bag of Doritos. (They suggest ketchup-flavored Doritos, but if you're not a disgusting animal, you should probably opt for Nacho Cheese or Cool Ranch.)

Also, try to keep yourself from eating all the chips before your bouquet is done. I mean, they're delicious, but it's a little counterproductive. Eye on the prize, folks.


So who's going to make Doritos roses this weekend? Who would you give a Doritos bouquet to?

Let me know in the comments below, and for more bizarre bits about love and romance, follow my Crazy Stupid Love collection.

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