"Apology" {Choi Youngjae, Kim Jiwon, Zhang Yixing fic} Chapt. 1

Dedicated to my best friend Deborah~ You had been dating Yixing, it's been a rough yet beautiful relationship. You have been stress about your ex Youngjae, he has been interested in you once again, but fortunately you have Bobby the guy who has been there for you since the start. Let's see how these relationships work out and solve themselves Prologue: https://www.vingle.net/posts/1402469?isrc=v

It's 6:00 am, when you awoke still exhausted yet got changed and ready for the day despite the thought of sleeping in and ditching school. After you were dressed and done eating, your boyfriend Yixing FaceTime you, you answered then smiled and said "hey~" "Hey, don't be stressed or sleepy today araso (okay)? I'm worried for you Jagyia~ you seem very tried lately, remember you can always message me if you need anything, okay?" He was too sweet and too caring which is only one of many reasons why you love him "Yea, lately I have been busy with school but don't worry too much Yixing, okay? I'll be fine just give me a bit of time" you have him an meek smile, after him starring for what seem like an eternity, he ended the video call with "I love you jagyia, text me when you're done with school. Araso (okay)?", you'll call him later you thought then started to walk to the bus. Walking to the bus stop... You decided to play some songs while walking and waiting since you have to walk about a block or so. You turned on your phone and play your music on shuffle, only to start singing "Remember the way you made me feel, such a young love, but something in me knew that it real"... Singing along to Jungkook's cover of "paper hearts" and the bringing back memories that you thought you forgotten all about "Frozen in my head, pictures I'm living though for now, trying to remember all the good times, our life was cutting through so loud"... I thought I finally moved on from Youngjae ever since he left me, but maybe I was wrong..I love Yixing, trust me I do but yet I still remember how Youngjae and I grew apart "Memories playing in my full mind and I hate this part, paper hearts, and I hold a piece of yours. Don't think I would just forget about it, hoping you won't forget about it"... I hate this, *deep sigh*, why do I always think back to him?!? Yixing already knows my about the relationship and how we broke up. I'm glad he does, he never thought I was going back to him yet I keep feeling like I need to apologize even if it's my thoughts. If you're curious about Youngjae's and I's past relationship let me tell you about it... (Flashback warning starting now!) I just got confessed too, but it was no ordinary confession, it was by my sunbae Youngjae who I had a crush on since junior high if I'm honest. Ever since I heard this voice and his personality I always wanted to be closer to him, I wondered why most people didn't attempt to become his friends. Of course I noticed that he was always with his group of his six closest friends (Mark, Jaebum *JB*, Jinyoung *Jr*, Jackson, Kunpimook *Bambam*, and Yugyeom), after he confessed to me it took two full days to say yes, in the end we dated for two through three years. Unfortunately we broke up due to an argument, we were fighting about him being too possessive of me. For example I was talking with my best friend Jiwon about what to get Youngjae for our one year anniversary but next thing I know Jiwon comes to me saying "What the heck?!? Did you say that you were cheating on Youngjae with me?!?" I was taken aback, it hurt emotionally and mentally just to hear him say that, when I responded I was holding back my tears while saying "No never, why? And Jiwon what the heck! It's our one year anniversary how could I do that to him! Why are you saying this crap! I would expect it from someone else but definitely not from you!!" I yelled remember me trying not to walk away and cry out in frustration. "I'm not saying you would Deborah, it's just he came up to me and kept repeating to stay away from you and not to take what's his, like what the heck was that!! I knew you longer yet he is stilling there like he owns you!!" With that statement I just remembered walking away from Jiwon only to calm myself and my thoughts. We had our happy moments, like when he would sing to me during late phone calls that I would record secretly. Also when he would give me a back hug and just watch any dramas with me during the night and help me study for my tests. He was so special to me until he got too possessive and doubtful of me. (End of flashback, now on the bus..) Before you ask if I'm crying, I'm not I'm just sighing while listening to "paper hearts" and now it's off to school, and to think it's only morning... Hey! I hope you like the story this far, I wanna know if you like this so far, please comment what you think and I hope you enjoy!

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