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Well, he's a Taurus! One of my best lovers was a taurus and let me tell you, they are beautiful and experimental lovers. Most of the time they don't even know that's something they might enjoy until they try it. TaeYang absolutely has a kinky side that he only shows his girl and won't admit to anyone else.


BTS: JHope

'Nough said! This boy has got it bad for his secret fetish of being dominated! He's just so clumsy and shy that no one would expect it and he'd like to keep it that way.

Sorry for revealing you're a fetish boy, Hobi.....so NOT sorry!


ANNNNNNNDDDD AGAIN....'nough said. Here is another fetish boy just waiting to escape his shell and not be afraid of being judged, even if Jackson has already surfaced and been like, "BOOM! I'm down to tie a chick up!"

JB also secretly longs for this, only, he wants to be tied up. He's such a dominate role model in the real world, he needs some JB time with a dominatrix.


Now, for those of you ladies who have been with a Chinese man, you know they like to dominate....EVERYTHING! But mostly the bedroom. My first Sub/Dom relationship was with a Chinese boy, a gamer nerd, short and awkward: you wouldn't expect him to be into dominating a woman.

XiuMin how ever looks to me like he's ready for it! But unlike his fellow bandmate, Kai, he's shy about his enthusiasm for kinks. Lets help him out, shall we?


Now, I know everyone was expecting me to put Leo as a Pro, but that would be a lie. He's still in the leaning stages and needs to find the right woman to open up to about his kinks. Ravi has taken over, yet again, with his boldness in admitting his the king of kinks among VIXX. Leo is not far behind, he's just so damn shy!


Perhaps one of the most underrated singers in KPOP. Wani is also a fantastic actor and doesn't get show much love in his legendary group, Shinhwa.

I can see DongWan going to a cat house to be with a dominatrix to help bring out his inner beast. Wani would be what we like to call a "switch". He can be sub or dom, but prefers one over the other depending on his fantasy or sexual needs at the time.


OK, have you heard this boy's song Chocolate? He's admitting to a fetish, seriously. He's so closet he has to make a song about his fetish in the most cutesy way possible.

Some girl needs to drizzle a bunch of chocolate on herself and present herself to him saying. "Here I am, Oppa! I'm here to help you out of the BDSM/fetish closet!"


We all know this kid is super sassy and fiery. Zelo needs to be brought out of his safe house and into the real BDSM world! Who's with me?!


I hope everyone liked it and please leave me feed back on all the cards and also, don't be afraid to make your own if you don't agree with the choices I've made or you have additions to make! Also TAG ME TAG ME TAG ME! I want to see what you come up with!




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