I need everyones help!!

Hey guys I have a favor to ask if you have Facebook. You see I work at a bowling alley and one of the privileges I have at work is choosing the music I play on weekends. the alley has a certain bowling music app on the computer that we can only use. at first they had one 2ne1 song and 2 of Psy. you cant believe how bored i got with gangnam style and I am The Best....OK well after finding the music network on Facebook I have been able to contact them and get some kpop. Now they didn't work with all my requests and I kind of ran out of songs to list so here I am asking for help. for those of you who like to hear your favorite kpop booming in bowling alleys while you get strikes then this is for you. I'm not sure what places use this app but my work does for sure. If you are willing to IM the page and ask them to put up songs on their app I would be very happy. the page is called the Bowling Music Network. it is my dream that kpop will be boomed in every bowling alley across the work and this is the only station I know of. but yes, please give them a list and ask. also give me the lists you give them so I can look them up at work. kpop is very fun and I just love how I run into other fans when I put on the music. they dance and smile....even if they are mainly teens.

PLEASE AND THANK YOU <3...link is bellow


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