Kylie Teams Up With SinfulColors For Nail Polish Collaboration

Once she starts, she can't stop.

Oh, you thought Kylie Jenner was done being innovative in the world of beauty? Well, you were wrong. If you're a Kylie fan or you just happen to enjoy dabbling in beautiful nail polishes than you're in store for a treat. SinfulColors nail polish and Kylie have teamed up to create a collection called King Kylie SinfulShine.

The collaboration consists of a three part limited edition collection that will be available in March. The first part of the collection contains a total of twenty polishes including a top coat all retailing for $3. I mean it doesn't get much better than that. It's one dollar more than your typical SinfulColors polish, but I mean it's Kylie -- what do you expect?

Will you be investing in this collaboration?


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