A Nightmare Come True

Luna was laying in bed half asleep when her husband of five years came in. Jasper smiled at his beautiful wife and laid next to her. Immediately Luna nuzzled up against Jasper and caressed his face gently. He blushed and looked at her swollen belly smiling bigger, Luna looked up at him. "Someone looks happy." She said softly and smiled as she pecked his cheek, "Maybe just a little." Jasper smiled back and kissed her gently and held her hand interlocking their fingers. They stayed like that for awhile perfectly content in each others company. Throughout the past seven years together they'd been through a lot and its finally paying off. Luna looked up at Jasper surprised, "Babe I just felt the baby!"

He smiled and looked at her with love deep in his eyes, "Really?" Jasper asked surprised and looked at her belly, "Yea here." Luna took his hand and started to place it on her belly, he jerked some "Umm..." Jasper said nervously and looked at her sadly, she gasped when he jerked and looked at him. "Whats wrong babe?" He shook his head and looked down she smiled and lifted his head, "Your nervous arent you?" Luna always knew how Jasper felt he rarely had to say anything anymore. He nodded slowly she shook her head gently and kissed him, "Dont worry baby its just our little girl saying hi to us." She smiled bigger as she slowly put his hand on her stomach.

Jasper blushed as his heart raced waiting to feel her, it took a few moments when she kicked again. He gasped a little and smiled big, "I just felt her!" He said excited and kissed Luna deeply. Jasper couldnt believe this they thought they could never have kids now here they were. Throughout the pregnancy Jasper kept a close eye on Luna to make sure she was okay. At some points she had to roll her eyes and remind him that she can still do things. Ever since they met Jasper had always been very protective over Luna and its only grown since then.

To Luna she knew Jasper meant well thats why she didn't get upset when he made her relax. Sometimes he knew when she needed to rest and she never knew how he did it. When they met Luna felt something special about Jasper and knew they would be together for a long time. They were each other's world it was rare to see a married couple so close like they were. In their seven year relationship they have yet to fight not even an arguement they always talked out problems. It helped that they could understand each other so well from early on.

A few months passed and they were in the hospital waiting to meet their daughter Jasper was holding Luna's head. She was exhausted and crying when they heard her crying on the other side of the room. Jasper kissed her deeply with tears pouring from his eyes as he looked at them. Luna gently took the baby from the nurse and smiled with tears streaming down her cheeks. "We're parents babe..." She choked out as she kissed the baby's nose Jasper nodded and looked at her. Luna looked up at him and said softly, "Our little Avalon." Jasper beamed with pride as he heard his daughter's name and nodded, "Yea she's going to grow up so happy." He said half in tears as he slowly caressed her cheek, " She looks just like her mommy." Jasper smiled big and gently kissed her forehead as Luna watched him happily. She loved how he was with Avalon already the look on his face when he saw her for the first time was perfect to her.

He was a mix of shock nervousness and most of all joy and pride it warmed Luna's heart to the core. "Why dont you hold her?" She asked and held the baby out to him, Jasper blushed hard and gently took her, "I wont hurt her right?" He asked scared Luna laughed a little and smiled, "Of course not just make sure you support her head." Luna gently adjusted his arms and kissed the baby's head. "I think she'll have your eyes babe." She said happily knowing it was almost impossible. Jasper shook his head, "Theres no way baby brown eyes are all in her blood." Luna raised her eyebrow, "Questioning my intuition?" She teased as Jasper's eyes went wide, "No not at all baby just saying its almost impossible." Luna waved her finger for him to get closer.

Jasper bent down to her and she kissed him softly once they both parted they watched Avalon who was yawning. Both of them were curious as to what color her eyes would be even though Luna knew for sure. Avalon looked so happy and peaceful, Jasper was still taken aback by how much she looked like Luna. Same hair, mouth, eyebrows, facial structure they were twins. Thats what Jasper wanted a little girl that looked exactly like Luna, Luna wanted a boy that looked like Jasper. They would try for that next he thought happily as he looked at her. "We love you Avalon." Jasper said hushed and kissed her cheek Luna smiled big and added, "We do very much Avalon."

Both of them loved saying her name it finally felt real that they could finally be happy as can be. Slowly Avalon opened her eyes and looked at them with big blue eyes that sparkled. Jasper gasped and laughed a little, "You were right baby." Luna gasped when she saw her eyes and smiled big. "Something just told me she'd have your eyes." Just then the doctor came in, "Mr. Garza can I speak with you please?" He nodded and handed Avalon back to Luna and kissed them both.

In the hallway Jasper natually feared the worst and looked at him, "Whats goin on?" Jasper asked not letting his paranoia take over. The doctor looked in Jasper's eyes as he said, "Im sorry but a mistake was made during the delivery." Jasper immediately looked at Luna who was wiggling her finger at Avalon smiling happily. He took a deep breath and asked, "Are they gonna be okay?" The doctor shook his head and Jasper felt his tears form as the doctor said, " Your wife was losing a lot of blood and we had to do a transfusion as you know." Jasper nodded with tears in his eyes as he tried to hold in a scream, "The blood was bad and her body is going to reject it. She doesnt have long left." Anger filled Jasper as he shut the door looking at his family as it closed and he yelled, "Cant you do something!? This is your fault! Why would you even have bad blood here to begin with?!"

The doctor shook his head he didnt have any answers other than, "Theres nothing we can do." Jasper let his anger take over him as he grabbed the doctor and punched him in the face as he yelled, "How can I tell her that?! Do you have any idea what shes been through?!" Tears poured from his eyes as he screamed and hit the doctor as nurses tried to pull him off. Jasper's heart was breaking and there was nothing he could do, "Goddamit we were finally gonna be happy!" He screamed in agony as six nurses pulled him off and Jasper kicked the doctor in the face. "You fuckers killed my wife!" He went limp against the nurses as he began to bawl. Once they let him go he crumpled to the floor in pain they were supposed to be happy now. Everything was supposed to be okay from now on not this why was this happening to them?

Why couldnt they just be happy like everyone else? He grabbed the back of his head and hunched over half screaming in pain. This wasnt fair Avalon needed her mom she couldnt lose her so soon. What about Luna? Shes been dying to have a baby with him and now she'll never see her grow up.... Jasper wished with all his heart that he could go in her place but he couldnt. After a few minutes he had to pull himself together and get back to Luna. She would get worried he had to tell her what happened. Knowing her shed be able to see it on his face the second he got in the room. Slowly he opened the door and took a deep breath as he entered Luna was smiling at him. "What was that about baby?" Avalon was asleep in her arms as he looked down, "The doctor had to tell me something...." He trailed off Luna lifted his head to look in her eyes, "Whats wrong? Please tell me its not the baby..." She started to choke up as she looked at Avalon.

Jasper shook his head no "It's not her..." He said quietly as tears started to fall again. He wondered if he wished it was her instead of Luna but he couldnt answer he didnt want to have to choose. He still wished more than anything that it was him who would die instead of his wife. She saved his life once why couldnt he do it for her? "Babe please tell me.." Luna said desperately as she looked in her husband's eyes. She knew something was seriously wrong by the way he was acting. He closed his eyes as more tears fell and he choked out, "The hospital messed up the blood.....theres nothing they can do."

Luna sighed sadly as a few tears fell but she was relieved it wasnt Avalon. She knew Jasper would trade places with her in a heartbeat if he could. "Thats what the yelling was..." She said softly and looked at Avalon, Jasper nodded. "I beat up the doctor it took about ten people to stop it....six pulled me off him... Im so sorry..." He started crying and held Luna close as he choked out, "I dont wanna lose you I love you..." Luna caressed his face as she grew sad knowing she'd never see Avalon grow up or never grow old with Jasper. The things they faught for were all in vain it was going to end just like this. "Thats why Ive been feeling weak too." She didnt know what else to say. She didnt want to lose them either and she loved them both so much but this was just what had to be. They couldnt change what happened or what was going to happen all they could do was spend her last moments together. "How long?" Luna asked softly as Jasper kept crying, "Not long.." She nodded and held him they would only be a family for a short time before her body shut down. "Jasper?" Luna asked softly he coughed a little and looked at her. "Yea Luna?" Quickly he tried to pull himself together and wiped his eyes, "Promise me that you'll live without me. Live for our daughter and make sure she grows up happy. Please promise me." He nodded sadly, "I promise but I wont love again your the only one for me." She nodded as her tears fell again, "Deal." She said softly as her breathing became more labored, "Ive loved you more than the world Luna. Im so sorry it has to end like this I'll live for you and our little girl I promise...." The last few words were choked as she smiled and gently caressed his face. "Jasper I love you so much youve been the perfect husband to me and I know youll be the perfect father to Avalon. Im going to miss you so much."

Jasper held her closer and looked at their wedding rings, "Im going to miss you more than words Luna I'll make sure Avalon knows mommy loves her.." More tears fell as her eyes grew heavy and she said quietly, "I love you Avalon, I love you Jasper with all my heart." She kissed Avalon who smiled at her Jasper kissed Luna deeply one last time and said, "I love you too Luna with all my heart." Luna smiled and closed her eyes then she was gone...... Four years have passed and Jasper misses Luna everyday he hasn't talked to his family since he lost Luna. He's never gotten over her one day while Avalon was napping Jasper heard pounding on his door. Lying on his couch in the dark he ignored it and thought about Luna hoping she was okay. "Open the fucking door now Jasper!" It was a female voice that screamed from the other side. Jasper didnt have it in him to move he'd been grieving for Luna four years and counting. He kept his promise to Luna and stayed living for Avalon who was a happy four year old. Jasper also kept his word he hasn't loved since and doesn't plan to Luna was the only one for him. No one could fill the hole that she left behind.

The pounding on the door grew louder finally Jasper pulled himself up and hit his head against the door. More than anything he wanted scream but Avalon was sleeping he couldnt wake her up. Once he unlocked the door it flew open and he hit the floor "What the fuck Jasper!? I havent heard shit from you in four years!" As she screamed he kept trying to shush her she yelled louder, "Im not gonna shush goddam it where the fuck have you been bubba?! Luna get out here!!" At her name Jasper started to tear up and covered his face in his hands. It was his sister Star who was screaming but her voice went soft when she saw him break down. "Whats going on bubba?" She asked softly and bent down to him Jasper didnt say anything. "Daddy?"

Jasper jerked his head up to see Avalon rubbing her eyes Star's jaw dropped. "Its okay sweety this is just auntie." He quickly went over and hugged Avalon who said quietly, "Daddy your crying again." She clumsily wiped his eyes as he forced a smile "Thank you sweetheart daddy feels much better now." Star was speechless as she watched them "Bubba please tell me..." Jasper slowly nodded and picked up Avalon and sat on the couch, "Sit down sis I'll tell you everything." Star sat down and waved to Avalon, "Hi there Im your auntie Star."

Avalon smiled and said, "Its nice to meet you auntie, are you my daddys sister?" She nodded "Whats your name." Avalon smiled and said, "Im Avalon mommy named me." Jasper took a deep breath and began, "Sis Im sorry for what I did I wasnt thinking but after what happened I didnt know what to do I was so lost." She looked at him, "What happened?" He shook his head "Let me put Avalon back to bed." She crossed her arms and looked at Jasper, "Are you gonna tell her where mommy is? I wanna know too." Jasper nodded as his tears started to fall again, "Why are you always so sad daddy?" She asked innocently and looked at him with her big blue eyes. "Ok well Avalon mommys in heaven." Star gasped as a tear swelled up in her eyes, "A doctor made a mistake and took her from us. Daddy is always sad because he misses her."

"Oh my God bubba...why didnt you tell me?" Jasper looked to Star and said, "I was so lost when Luna died I didnt know what to do. All I knew is that I had to take care of Avalon for her." Avalon pulled at Jasper's shirt, "Daddy?" she asked quietly he looked at her, "Yea sweetheart?" She smiled, "You have me though daddy and you always tell me how much I look like mommy." Jasper couldnt help but smile as he hugged her, "Your right I should be happy like you." Star looked at him, "Why didnt you tell me? I didnt even know you had Avalon I couldve helped you..." She said sadly, "I know sis but like I said I was so lost I barely knew my name." She nodded and hugged them both, "Im so sorry bubba." Avalon hugged Star, " I like you auntie."

Jasper cried a little in his sisters shoulder and said softly, "Lets go see mommy Ava." She smiled big a nodded, "Please daddy please." He nodded and pulled them all up, "Come on Star shes right over here." She followed Jasper to his bedroom where an urn stood on a small alter with a picture of Luna smiling in front of it. Jasper sat down with Avalon on his lap as she waved at the picture, "Hi mommy I love you." Star sat with them and smiled at Luna, "Avalon daddy's right you look just like your mommy." Jasper held both of them close and smiled at his beautiful wife Luna. "I miss you so much Luna."

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