Kill Someone

...Can you ever hate someone so much... that you want them to die? ... not only that... you want to be the one that causes them to take their last breath... you want to be the one that sees their face filled with agony. Do you want to take them by surprise? or do you want to plan things out..? do you want to kill them slowly or fast? do you want their death to be loud or silent? do you want to see their blood, or not? do you want them to live a happy life with unfinished buissness so you can take everything away from them? of course you do! you don't want to kill them out of mercy now, that'd be to kind. ... ... ... ... ... do you honestly think this person deserves to die? ... ... who gave you the right to decide whether someone lives or dies? ... what makes you think you're so better than them. That they deserve to die but you dont? ... that's right. ... ... you get the picture now... ... ... ... you're not better then them. ... you're all the same... ... ... monsters.... you're all monsters. ... only monsters come in different forms. .. ... ... you're a wolf in sheep's clothing ... ... and they're a sheep in wolf's clothing. ... ... it doesn't make you any better. you're all the same. ignorant. mediocre. sad. shameful; shameful beings. now now I'm not saying you should end YOUR existance or that you should end both of your existances .... All you have to do is accept. Accept the fact. That they're a monster. Accept that youre also a monster and leave it be. but monsters can change, some at least... the fact that you're still in sheep's clothing means soon one day if you try you can become a sheep too. who am I kidding? go peirce a knife into that motherf*ckers stomach and make them hang themselves with their own intestines. GOOD LUCK!

^^^ Thats me Interviewer: How do you identify yourself? Me: Side braid & glasses Interviewer: no, we mean gen- Me: Side braid. And. Glasses
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